Royal Choice

Walking along the streets of Vienna, I came across a garment shop. The shop had displayed many mannequins with their latest products on. I would have almost crossed it when I suddenly felt the mannequins’ faces are familiar. I was stunned to see the cutouts of faces of Royal Family members. All five of them with smiles on their faces, sporting striped T-shirts; I couldn’t believe it was actually their faces. Whatever did the salesman have in his mind!

The extent they go to advertise their products. These shots were taken on second of May 2011, the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton was just over. Influencing buyers with this display was novel, I thought. I looked at Lady Diana’s cut out once, and then once more, how beautiful she looked! When she visited India I had sat glued to TV to catch a glimpse of her on screen. Here, I took many shots of the family which I felt would be rare.

I had submitted this first shot to National Geographic and I was pleasantly surprised to see it was selected to National Geographic Daily Dozen June Week 4.

Thursday Challenge – Family

St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna
Hallstatt Mines

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