Rorrel, My Squirrel

The other day I witnessed a verbal duel, mostly one sided, between my Rorrel and a pigeon which had come to have a dip in my lily pool. (I named my squirrel character, Rorrel, a derivative of rodent and squirrel). My Rorrel was giving out continuous series of chirps, high pitched ones that left the pigeon with a puzzled look in its face. After a while the pigeon could not bear Rorrel’s incessant chirps anymore and flew off.

Squirrels are known to communicate through a series of chirps. The frequency, and the duration of the notes communicate everything from laughter to alarm. Their frequency range is normally between .01 KHz. and 10 KHz. (kilohertz). These sounds when used in conjunction with tail gestures form the basis for squirrel communication.

Rorrel now advanced and looked directly into my eyes, assessing me top to bottom. I was a bit nervous, because I had read they can leap five to six feet into the air from ground level, what if she decides to jump on me. I stood motionless, trying to focus on Rorrel’s movement. Surprisingly I found her immune to the sound of the clicks of my camera. The little gal was getting braver.

Rorrel came closer and Grr… showed me her teeth. Those incisors grow six inches per year, but thankfully stay short due to the constant wear they receive. Few more clicks and then she got bored and left the scene.

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22 Responses to “Rorrel, My Squirrel

  • Have noticed that the squirrel's tail always makes a flip when he chrips.
    That pigeon reminded me of the pigeons in the animated movie "Bolt"

  • I have fallen in love with your Rorell. Nice photographs.

  • This was so interesting! we have so many squirrels around, but surprisingly, none of them come anywhere near the house! its only the crows which eat all the food we keep out….. reading about rorrel makes me want to write about the habits of these crows!

  • What a cute animal! He was brave?? I think YOU were brave because you ran the risk being bitten and that might have been dangerous. Though I have never heard that squirrels attack humans. But other rodents do.
    Have a great weekend!

  • I don't know who was braver? You or him? Ha!
    Great pics by the way!!

  • Awww what a cutie. I wonder if there were young in the area and she(?) was making sure nobody came any closer. Great photos, Indrani. 🙂

  • Rorrel is such a cute name, and so is the squirrel.

  • Nice pictures, especially like the first one. Catchy name too… Rorrel, I like the sound of it 🙂

  • Fantastic shots! 🙂

  • You got some wonderful pictures of Rorrel — I especially like the third photo. I think perhaps Rorrel is a fan of yours and didn't want to share you with the pigeon.

  • Great post. Very informative and nice shots of Mr. Rorrel!

  • You had a cute pet, seem very friendly. I always love your post and great photos

  • Rorrel, tongue-twister 🙂 How cute that he (or she?) is not camera-shy!

  • Lovely name for your pet! Luckily there was no referrying !! We had a pet squirrel when we were young.

  • What a fascinating commentary! «Louis» didn't know these things about squirrels.

  • Rorrel is so cute and your photographs are wonderful. He apparently did not care for the pigeon.

    Squirrels are also very curious, I don't think you were in any danger he just wanted to get a closer look at you too.

  • Your Rorrel is an absolute sweetheart ! He let you photograph him to heart's content ! Most squirrels i know just flee like Celebrities from the papparazi !

  • Rorell , what a lovely name for your pet? Observational post 🙂

  • Nice pet name.. Love the last picture staring into camera. Enjoy with your pet!

  • You have a squirrel as a Pet..Great and the name is great too and I like the last pic most.. 🙂

  • haha…lovely ckicks..rorrel is cute!

  • Wonderful observations and interesting clicks.

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