Rorrel Has Babies

The good news is that my Rorrel has babies… two of them. It was the tail I spotted first, how well they were camouflaged in the branches of the small ficus tree I have in my balcony! They were quite grown up and Rorrel was training them to be on their own.

These above shots were of one of the babies who seemed to be camera shy. As soon it sensed I was aiming at her, she went back to her hiding place.

This baby sat calmly for me, but the unfortunate part was that it was surrounded by so many leaves that I found it hard to focus on the little one. Many of my shots were getting focused on the leaves. It seemed to be sunbathing with its eyes closed.

Hilary did mention in her comment when I blogged about the verbal duel between her and a pigeon in one of my previous posts. She did guess, “I wonder if there were young in the area and she(?) was making sure nobody came any closer.”. I scanned the area, but could never find the babies. They were in their infancy stages then I am sure. I missed the infancy stages of these babies, Rorrel had hidden them in the big pot, I could never guess.

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