Ruins of Roman Aqueduct of Merida, Spain

Roman aqueducts of yesteryear were lifelines of their civilization then! In Merida we spotted  the ruins of gigantic aqueduct. It was bang across the road when we were exiting Merida towards Elvas in Portugal.

Roman Aqueduct of Merida

This aqueduct “the Los Milagros aqueduct” is one of the most well preserved remains from1AD. It is 25m (82 ft) high and around 830m (2,720 ft) long. The Los Milagros aqueduct functioned as water supply lines to the settlements around – Augusta Emerita, which was the capital of Roman Lusitania, modern Merida. Roman Aqueduct of Merida is a fine example of Roman engineering skills.

The triple levels of looming brick arches are visible from far. The combination of the building materials, alternating layers of bricks and granite makes it very attractive. I have here pics clicked from car while driving by. The aqueduct tops seem to be conquered by the storks that have nested there with their growing family over all the arches.

Roman Aqueduct of Merida

Roman Aqueduct of Merida, driveby shot

Roman Aqueduct of Merida


Google Map of the Aqueduct

This is the satellite version of google map of Roman aqueduct of Merida, Spain. You can see the shadow the aqueduct. You can click to enlarge and see details. This aqueduct is included in the list of 10 most beautiful Roman aqueducts in the world. You can see the entire list here: 10 Most Beautiful Roman Aqueducts. I have seen 2 in this list. How many have you seen?


Google map of Roman Aqueduct of Merida



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