Roman Agora, Thessaloniki

One of the sights in Thessaloniki, left out in the open free for all to see is the Roman Agora. This forum built in 1st century AD definitely held a place of importance then. The buildings surrounding this heritage site indicate the place still holds importance for the city of Thessaloniki. It is an ‘old meets the new’ kind of place. The site could have been easily toured in an hour but it was closed, we could just go around the shut site taking pics. The underground Forum museum here is worth a visit I have read.

 There are beautiful arches, cloisters and well preserved semi subterranean corridors. The site was accidentally discovered and excavated in 1966. Large number of silver coins, stone and marble sculptures found here are displayed in the museum. Only the theater and one lone column too seemed to be in a good condition, rest of the ruins looked scattered beyond recognition. A desperate tourist scaled the short walls and went exploring the place. He definitely got better pictures.





The theater at the Roman Agora

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29 Responses

  1. Aunt Mary says:

    Wonderful site 🙂

  2. TexWisGirl says:

    the archways are very cool! what neat ruins.

  3. Sylvia K says:

    More beautiful captures from Greece, Indrani, and I have enjoyed this series SO much!! As I've told you, my husband and I spent a fantastic two weeks there many years ago. It was particularly fun for him because he had participated in the Olympic Games in Tokyo and was a silver medal winner, so getting to visit the original Olympic site was very special — for us both!!

  4. DIMI says:

    Hello Indrani!!
    Wonderful pictures of the Roman Agora!Great captures!!Thank you for sharing!Have a lovely week!

  5. First thing that I would like to say is that, seeing these photographs and reading about it on your blog the desire in my heart to travel around gets even more intensified. And the second thing is that these are again some great captures. 🙂

  6. Past and present mixed very well.:)

  7. ladyfi says:

    Wow – an amazing mix of old and new! That old is very old.

  8. Greece were new and old mix so wonderfully. A lovely collection of pictures.

  9. colleen says:

    Fascinating. Makes me wonder what exists right below us. Layers of culture.

  10. Laura says:

    Fantastic photos Indrani… how wonderful it is that you travel to so many places.

  11. Wonderful! Loved The theater. Imagining how audience would have enjoyed the show there.

  12. that looks cool and great 🙂

  13. eileeninmd says:

    Looks like a neat ruins to explore. Wonderful collection of photos!

  14. Wow ! 2000 year old ruins accidentally discovered.

  15. Sudhir R says:

    Anything Greek is bound to be wonderful! So is this!

  16. Wonderful pictures of the Roman Agora Indarni ji !Great captures!!Thank you for sharingthese amazing clicks

  17. Nice post and nice photographs. Can you post more photographs of this place? saying this because i want to see more.

  18. Wow! Surprising is that the ancient architectures are timeless!

  19. Mridula says:

    And how the city grew around it too! I was in Athens a long long time ago but didn't see this.

  20. Uppal says:

    Replete with ancient history! great photos!

  21. Awesome pictures that remind of the beauty of architecture and glory.

  22. Lovely ruins. Nice post.

  23. Thank you friends for the lovely comments. 🙂

    Hi Mridula, this site is in Thessalonki and not in Athens.

  24. I like this series. So many pictures, such history…. Liked the pictures as usual. Wish the site was open.
    Would get treated to some more pictures.

  25. I think this place is featured in some movie. Gives the look of deserted war site…I think movie : Saving private Ryan.

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