Roads for Threshing Harvest, Rural Agriculture in India

Road trips through villages of India bring me face to face with farming practices followed by farmers.

One common sight that I get to see while driving through the roads of Karnataka is the farmers spreading their harvest on the roads. The farmers spread the sheaves for threshing. The heavy vehicles moving over these sheaves separate the husks from the grains.

Each time a stretch of such spreads appears from a distance we had to slow down. The farmers seemed to be totally unmindful of the fast moving vehicles. As soon as a vehicle crosses, couple of farmers would come, upturn and rearrange the sheaves so that all grains get separated. In the evenings they can be seen collecting the grains. Some of them can be seen winnowing the grains. They drop the grains from a height; winds blow away the light chaff. This is the state of rural agriculture, no sign of any kind of mechanized farming.

While I don’t have any objection to my vehicle being of some use to them, I am really concerned about safety. The vehicle can skid causing harm to both parties. The wastage factor is definitely very high in this process, with the grains getting mixed up with soil and dirt. And what about the cleanliness factor of the grains? Wish the concerned official reads this!

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14 Responses to “Roads for Threshing Harvest, Rural Agriculture in India

  • Hard working people and fantastic these colorful pictures.

    Greetings, Joop

  • Your photos are wonderful. It sure is a lot of hard work.

  • Awesome captures Indrani.

    Happy weekend.

  • this is true in rural philippines as well.

  • I wonder if it really does save a lot of work. I imagine they still have to separate the kernels from the waste…but I have no idea how they do that.

  • I saw grain being threshed in exactly the same way when I visited China. Since I grew up on a farm with mechanized equipment for most jobs, I found this process to be both amazing and fantastic.

  • Wow, that's one dangerous way to separate the grains.

  • We could never forget this sheaves spread in a road which ceased our car once, where these hay surrounds the wheels to struck one early night in a rural village. Good capture!

  • I used to see this all the time as a child when we drove through rural India. I guess nothing has changed.

  • How many of us really stop by to think and care about these people, who contribute a lot for our well-being and life? Good post and good pics!

  • Wonderful post and great photos!!
    Congrats on your POTW!!

  • Excellent photos and views of daily life!

  • Dangerous but also rather ingenious, getting the traffic to do the hardest bit of the work for them. Still…

    congratulations on your POTW

  • Yogi saraswat
    2 years ago

    The wastage factor is definitely very high in this process, with the grains getting mixed up with soil and dirt . Agree but they can save their money ( they dont have ) by not using machines . So they choose easy option. Nice tour with rural touch.

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