Road Trip To Goa in Car

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16 Responses

  1. Sylvia K says:

    I always enjoy reading about your trips, Indrani!! Hope you have a great time and I'm looking forward to your photos of this latest trip!! Enjoy!!

  2. Haddock says:

    More frequent halts would be a good idea (whoever is driving needs those breaks)

  3. Cloudia says:

    Safe trip;
    Good Food;
    Good Pictures!

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  4. Waiting for your new post, Have a nice journey.

  5. The other road via Shimoga-Sagara-honnavar-karwar would have been more scenic and less toll

  6. It is fun to go by road. Enjoy!

  7. All the best, and A very happy diwali to you !

  8. Belated Diwali wishes Indrani! Waiting for the sequel as I wanna know what all fun you guys had in GOA..

  9. Mridula says:

    Enjoy and have a great time.

  10. Have a safe trip!

  11. The best form of travelling, have always loved them.. Look forward to your post.

  12. Onkar says:

    Looking forward to the photos

  13. Wow! It would have been a great trip! Hope you had a happy and safe journey 🙂
    TC! Keep smiling 🙂

  14. Jeevan says:

    I always enjoy long rides by road. Hope u having great holidays 🙂

  15. Sudhir R says:

    How long did it take. Enjoyed?

  16. Yes Sudhir enjoyed, a detailed post will be put up soon.