RIP Polo!

Today I was saddened reading the death of Polo, South Asia’s only gorilla at Mysore zoo, Karnataka. He was 43! The normal life span of gorillas is 35, but Polo outlived that. Born in 1972, he was received from Dublin Zoo, Ireland, on August 8, 1995. Unfortunately he never got a mate in the zoo.

Earlier, a pair of gorillas, “Sugreeva and Sumathi” was the star attractions of the Mysore zoo. Sugreeva, the male gorilla, died within one year of being brought to the zoo. From then on, Sumathi lived a solitary life for more than 16 years.

The zoo authorities corresponded with the authorities of the world’s leading zoos, seeking a male gorilla. In 1992, Bobo, a male gorilla, was brought from Tel Aviv in Israel. However, Bobo became diabetic and its forehand was amputated due to gangrene. Subsequently, it died. After four years, the zoo received Polo. Sumathi, who had aged considerably, died in 2001, due to cardiac arrest.

You can read about his ailments here: Polo, South Asia’s only gorilla, dies at Mysore zoo
During my last visit there I got some captures of him, he looked sad and lonely!

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