Rialto Bridge, Venice

Rialto Bridge – The iconic landmark of Venice; I crossed it several times when I was in Venice, actually six times. Memorable! It is one of the four famous bridges over the Grand Canal of Venice. I blogged on two other bridges of Venice here and here. This was the only major link between the two sides of Grand Canal until 1854, when Accademia Bridge was built.

The bridge has a covered ramp with rows of shops on either side. The shops serve the practical purpose of providing structural strength to the bridge. The rows of covered arches that run up the centre of the bridge and over the top provide strength to the entire structure. This eliminates the use of piers below and allows good clearance for the movement of the boats below.

The variety of souvenirs one can find in these shops is countless. Each time I crossed the bridge I spent some time scanning the various knick knacks there. The tax from these shop owners is used for the maintenance of the bridge. The view of the busy traffic from the bridge is something that has to be frozen. 1000s of photographs are clicked here every day. I managed to get one without any traffic.

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