Red Blister Beetle

Isn’t this bug looking beautiful? It is the Red Blister Beetle. But can you catch one of them in your hand and let it creep over your fingers? Eeks I can’t, I did rather watch it from far and admire it from a distance. So when I saw my friend Manjula catching hold of one, letting it fly, chasing it and catching it again all in fun I was awestruck. I tried to capture it in my lens, she was steady but I wasn’t.

Children learn a lot by observing us parents. I am very conscious of this fact. So I try to be a model of calmness, can’t afford to get squeamish of such tiny insects in front of them you see. Every child will have some fear, it is very natural too. And if we know it is something to do with insects we have to handle that feeling with care.

Reassure the child without belittling or teasing him or her. Deal with it in a manner that does not let the fear dominate the child’s life. Fear of insects is called Entomophobia. To find out more about fears, see Fears in Preschool children.

Blister beetles are commonly found in Asia. These measure about 2.5cm and have alternate red and black bands. Eggs are laid in the soil, the larvae feed on other soil insects proving beneficial to fields, while the adult feed on crops causing considerable damage. Since they are large, robust and mobile the chemical pest control fails. Thus manual picking and destruction is the only solution. Well one can’t have entomophobia to do that.

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33 Responses to “Red Blister Beetle

  • Yikes! Scary yet awesome at the same time…

  • Probably I can say with this blog make, more some interesting topics.

  • Beautiful pic of the bug , Indrani. I know, we are forced to act more sensible in so many ways to be a role model.
    But handling the fear sensitively- a very wise point.

  • Let us admire the colour scheme too – so pretty – the same as the ladybird, which is really a bug, and has black dots on a red surface. Good pictures, as usual.

  • i like to take pics of bugs n wild life too. the post abt plastic bags was an eye opener thanks 🙂

  • That is one big bug! I’d be nervous letting it on my hand after hearing its name!

  • It is pretty… but it’s big and I don’t think I could be that brave to hold it in my hand!

  • It is really a very pretty beetle. Well captured.

  • It has beautiful markings. Great photo.

  • Pretty .. I think I still suffer from entomophobia especially when it comes to spiders and stinging insects ..


  • Beautiful, brilliant colors on that beetle. You are so right about not letting your fears seep into your children.

  • I could never let that bug on me!

  • Indrani: What a colorful beetle you have shown today.

  • That first shot is a fantastic and beautiful close-up!

    Bugs usually do not bother me at all – in fact, I’m kind of a fan of bugs. However, we are having SERIOUS tick problems here this year… I am NOT a fan of them and they give me the creeps!

  • Gorgeous photo… and good advice. I tend to be bug phobic in person, but I enjoy looking at pictures of them.

  • he looks spectacular!

    as a child i used to catch all kinds of bugs and carry them around in my hands without fear. i’m not so comfortable doing that anymore but i still have no fear of them…

  • Indrani, the top one is an excellent photograph. The post is informative as well.

  • That’s a big beetle! I love it’s coloring and those big dots. Very cool picture! I don’t mind bugs that don’t sting or bite…except roaches. roaches freak me out.

  • love the strong climbing legs !!! sandy

  • It is pretty, such nice colors, but YIKES that is one big bug!

  • I would not dare to hold one – but there kind of beutiful to see in a picture like those. 🙂

  • nature is full of magic. very interesting bug. first time i see something like this. thanks for shared

  • Hi Indrani! I don’t think I suffer entomophobia, but I prefer bugs to be far away from me… ;))
    Thanks for your comment on Blogtrotter, still strolling in the streets of Santiago de Compostela, and now racing the famous Paris-Dakar…
    Have a nice week!

  • what an amazing picture Indrani..beetles are so colourful

  • Beetles are pretty, and I have no qualms of handling them.

    I like your posts on nature.:)

  • Wow, very cool shot! That bug is so intricate.

  • Beautiful beetle nice picture…but sometimes there are beetles who emits a very hot fluid, when you rub your eyes with the hand holding the beetle it’s so hot and can cause allergic reaction, the eye sore will continue up to three days or more..just be careful.

  • You have some really cool critters there. That’s a wonderful beetle shot!

  • I deal with a lot of bugs at work. Some are interesting and beautiful and others just give me the creeps.

  • Such wise parenting advice which I too have employed over the years. Now that my kids are adults, I can freak out over snakes and bugs again. 😉

    Great photo of a colourful bug.

  • how how how do you manage to capture the bees and bugs in your
    lens? I tried that and they just take to their heels.

    “Reassure the child without belittling or teasing him or
    her..” As a responsible parent I never belittle or tease them, in
    these… I join them in their scream and pull my legs to chin, in fear :-)))

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