Raven of Holloko, Hungary

Sighted this huge raven as the road forked in to two, on our way to Holloko. It is a picture perfect village, in the lap of Cserhat Mountains north-east of Budapest, Hungary. (Date was : 9/5/2011)

The Raven is a significant character in the legend that surrounds this village of Holloko. My daughters who are never tired of hearing stories, begged to hear this legend just once more. And I related the story of how the lord of a castle there abducted a pretty maiden. The maiden’s nurse, a witch, schemed with a devil to rescue the damsel. The kind and helpful devil organized his minions. They disguised as ravens. One by one the ravens took the stones of the lord’s castle away, in the process the castle of Holloko was built on the top of a huge rock. Raven, the rescuer, surely deserves to be photographed, my daughters decided.

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