Rajsamand Lake

After traveling for eight days in Rajasthan by road, through the deserts, hills, mountain ranges and forests, we finally got to see something pleasant and cooling to eyes. It was the Rajsmand Lake, a HUGE lake having a circumference of 7.5km. Water, as far as the eyes could see!

Thanks to Maharana Raj Singh I, India is proud of this second largest man made sweet water lake in Asia. The wiki says:

During World War II, the lake was used as a seaplane base by Imperial Airways for about six years.

Today its water is used for irrigation and the canal network services within the state and if good monsoons prevail this will continue.

(Do click and enlarge to view.)

The beauty of ornamental arches and the sculptures in the pillars and ceilings were lapped up by our greedy eyes. Strolling for half an hour in the marble steps in the bank of this lake rejuvenated and soothed our tired nerves. Wish I could stay back till the sunset to capture the golden glow of this beautiful lake.

(Do click and enlarge to view.)

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