Rajdhani – A Restaurant Review

Last weekend I was at bloggers meet up at Rajdhani Restaurant, Indiranagar, Bangalore. Good food, friends and fun, all ingredients were available to make that perfect evening!

 India has diverse food preparations, each very typical of the region, its climate, spices, herbs and farm produce. Rajdhani chain of restaurants specializes in food from Rajasthan and Gujrat, completely vegetarian. The peculiarity of Rajasthani food is that food is cooked mostly in milk, curd or ghee, since water is scarce in these regions. Many main course dishes of Gujarat taste sweet, which is unheard of in south of India. Chapattis, a kind of bread is made of several kinds of flours, each having a distinct aroma and taste. 

As we all sat to be served first came the waiter with jug and pan, meant to wash our hands. Table manners of India are very different from other parts of world, roti and sabzi (bread and curry) is best enjoyed with hand. After this, a series of food items are served, I tried to keep track of name and number but then I realized I will have to sit with paper and pen, so finally decided to have the warm food first.

While most food items were being served in steel utensils, the popular Gatte ki sabzi was being served from earthenware. That was probably to retain and enhance its delicious floavor.

What you see in this pic below is not the complete serve. There were twenty four food items of which five were sweet dishes. One serving of each alone is enough to fill you up, yet they coaxed us to try more. All vegetarians will like the food no doubt, but for non-vegetarians having this food once a week or twice a week may be okay. If they wish to retain non-vegetarian customers then they will have to dish out at least a couple of vegetarian Rajasthani or Gujrati dish which is similar to non-veg preparation.

How the waiters managed to provide continuous supply of food items amazed me! Each waiter is assigned with serving a particular dish, yet he would keep a track of the item to be replenished in the customer’s plate and by means of hand signals he would indicate the item to be served. Some excellent coordination there, the waiter would soon arrive with the required item even before you demand it.

“Food is so primal, so essential a part of our lives, often the mere sharing of  tables with strangers turns them into good friends. That’s why I love this blogging community.” Original quote of Jasmine Heiler reworded by me.


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