Rajasthani Women and Jewelry – a Photo Essay

While strolling the cities of Rajasthan, I found myself admiring the people of Rajasthan too. Especially the women, they wear bright outfits, colors like brilliant red, vibrant yellows and oranges, lively greens and dazzling blues.

Rajasthani Women and Jewelry

Most women keep their face covered and are shy to speak. Not all were willing to pose for me; still I managed to get some reasonably good shots.

Rajasthani Women and Jewelry

They are known for their love for silver jewelry. The ornaments signify their marital status. Earlier those chudas, broad white bangles were made of ivory or camel bones, embellished with gold, precious and semiprecious stones. Now they are made of plastic.

Rajasthani Women and Jewelry

The exquisite designs in their jewelry are a rage not only for the Indian ladies but also for foreign lady tourists. I too picked up some pieces of ornaments. 🙂

Rajasthani Men and Jewelry

Men of Rajasthan too wear jewelry, mostly in their ears. But I found their pagaris (turbans) more interesting. Practically their head gear serves the purpose of protecting their head from the scorching heat. It is also the most important part of their attire. The color of the turban and the style of tying it indicate his caste and the region to which he belongs.

Tying the turban is a specialized art. There are professional tiers who make roaring business during the marriage season and festival times just by tying pagaris.

This little boy very willingly posed for me, struggling to tuck his pagdi in, the right way. He was chattering happily and was eager to know from which part of the country I came. When I asked him, “Do you go to school?”, “Jata hoon na (Yes I do go)” he replied emphatically.

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