Rajasthani Women, a Mural

I got this mural framed and it was delivered to me yesterday. It took me a little more than three months to complete the mural. 1 to 2 hours of work on it every working day for those three and half months. I had given it for framing and almost forgot about it. The guy who does the framing gave a date last week, with all the chaos that was going on, it slipped off my mind. Yesterday he reminded me again, his payment was stuck up.

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Seeing my own work, neatly framed, I was filled with happiness and satisfaction. It cheered me up beyond words. I had been dreaming about it, just as I was dreaming about my Rajasthan trip. When I was rolling the M-seal strips for outlining the drawing, I was dreaming about the Rajasthani women. Do they really look like this?

Half way through the work, I left for the Rajasthan tour. I came back to paint in colors like the ones I saw there. I could give shape to the jewelries in the mural I was making because I saw the women wearing these there. Soon it was complete; it was like bringing the Rajasthani women to my drawing room.

The post will be incomplete if I don’t mention my teacher’s name, Mrs. Mridula Banerjee, an accomplished artist. I am grateful to her for the immense amount of patience she had in teaching ‘a not so talented person’ like me.

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