Unexpected Joy watching Rains in Solan, Himachal Pradesh

On our onward journey to Kufri, we halted at Solan; to eat noodles and have garam chai (hot tea). Everything seemed fine, pleasant climate, friends, chatting and all.

Rains in Solan

Then suddenly the whole atmosphere changed, dark clouds, wind, drizzles and finally heavy downpour… all appeared from nowhere. It was pelting small ice cubes from above! One by one, hands extended out of the shade to feel the rain drops and catch the falling hail stones. I don’t know if it was the sweet scent in the air or the steam from hot noodles and tea, we experienced an unexpected joy in those moments. Few among us wanted to get drenched right there. A rainy adventure in the most unexpected place! But none ventured, we still had a couple of hours drive left.

As I stood and stared, it struck me take a video of those few moments. Here is a 30secs clip of that morning.

Dhiren Shah enjoying rains in Solan

Unexpected joy watching rains in Solan Himachal Pradesh

Little Joys of Life

This trip to Kufri, and particularly this halt in Solan helped me realize the little joys of life

  • Travel with friends
  • Break from routine life
  • Eating noodles, that too Maggi and sipping hot tea
  • Dreaming away while staring at nothing
  • Sudden rains that make you pause for a while…
Rains in Solan HP
Rains in Solan_1
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