Quikr – A Review, Recommendation

Very often I have been asked by my friends residing in other cities of India seeking the facilities in Bangalore which could help them relocate and resume their everyday lifestyle fast. Every day lifestyle meant that they wished to carry all their stuffs from their present city to Bangalore. It was stressful affair for them fearing to discard stuffs, how to discard and then how to have something similar here. And each time and to each one I have suggested QUIKR!

My 10 reasons to recommend QUIKR:

  1. Furniture, that comes foremost in the list of problems with regard to packing and getting them delivered at the new destination undamaged. Selling on quikr by just posting an ad solves 50% of the problem. The remaining 50% of acquiring another set is equally easy from the same site.
  2. The barter-exchange option solves some more problems. Who wants to carry the old AC to the next destination? Easy to exchange with less used ones. The same applies to cars and bikes, and other domestic appliances. Less baggage, easy travel!
  3. They deal with real estate too and so those looking for acquiring new property for owning or renting, the site facilitate the same. The greatest advantage is it eliminates the role of a middleman who often is out to fleece you.
  4. All done, the environment with new office may not suit and you have left the old office and taken a transfer… quikr helps here too with their ad postings on new job opportunities.
  5. Families moving in with children are particularly scared of finding new schools, more about the coaching for various professional courses. Quikr has a good listing of these institutions. They list out the hobby classes to cater to the varied interests of children.
  6. With basic needs taken care of, quikr helps in issues on other emotional aspects like pets and pet care. Most move in with their dogs, whom of course they cannot discard in the event of transfers. To tide over their adjustment problems the listing of clinics for pets is a big help.
  7. I remember a family had this strange problem of needing a wedding planner in the city. With no known contacts in the new city my suggestion to them to check out quikr was a big help. I was so glad to attend the wedding in Bangalore which otherwise they were planning to have in their native town.
  8. All settled, they often wish to involve themselves in community and local events. The list is elaborate with information on NGOs, car pooling, charity and such stuffs.
  9. Does it have a list of maid and housekeeping is the most common query that I have faced and it is relief for them to find links to their services. An elderly man once got back to me saying he could get to a good astrologer through quikr site. I was surprised to know this.
  10. All in all, a definitely good site to take care of old belongings and acquire new ones!

This post is written for Quikr Happy Hours prompt on Indiblogger
Being a Bangalorean, why would you recommend bangalore.quikr.com to anybody relocating to Bangalore?

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5 Responses to “Quikr – A Review, Recommendation

  • Fantastic. a very useful post. Thank you..
    (I am already on Quickr site now.. But thinking intensly what to sell (lol)..!)

  • A little caution when posting here as I have had experiences when your ads are not deleted after the items being sold, and you keep getting calls months after the ad was posted.

    I remember I had some issues deleting the ad also after the item was sold, resulting in all those calls.

    And I have also called people again who had not/ could not delete the ads.

  • Hope it is truly useful for public too. Thank you Sridharan Sir.

    Thanks for your valuable input of your experience Aathira. Hope others take a note of it.

  • Well researched and documented.Do they cover all major cities and towns as well ? Happy Pongal !

  • Nice review, Indrani 🙂 Recently I had checked Quickr to sell a never-used hair-styler. I wondered looking at the wide range of services Quickr provides!You have researched and listed more than I had noticed. Thank you!

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