Quenching migratory birds in an oasis in Khichan.

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Migratory birds can be seen at many places, but what is special about this village Khichan of Rajasthan is that the locals of the village offer quintals of grains to these birds early morning in a rectangular enclosure every day. The villagers enjoy a special relationship with the birds. These Eurasian cranes fly out of the breeding grounds of steppes and start flocking in and around the various water bodies of Khichan. They fly in from August and spend the winter months here. Take a diversion from Jodhpur – Udaipur road to see the Quenching migratory birds in an oasis in Khichan.

Demoiselle Cranes in Khichan

The birds taking a short drink, some of them taking a bath, some acrobatically displaying the affection to their mate, the krok-krok calls all were an audio-visual treat in the scorching heat of the desert. The villagers in the Thar venerate them for the norm of keeping a single life partner all through their lifetime. The Atithi Devo Bhava (Guest is God) spirit of the Rajasthanis holds good not just for the tourists but also for the migratory birds, The Demoiselle Cranes.

Khichan in Phalodi, is 150 kilometers from Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

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