Provins, Paris

After touring Fontainebleau palace we headed for another World Heritage Site, Provins. It got the status in 2001. The city prospered in 12th and 13th centuries, under the Counts of Champagne, with its wool industry and its trading fairs.

The route from google maps, that we covered while on a day tour from Paris.

Provins is less crowded, a huge contrast just 50 miles away from the commercialized Paris! Loitering there, it was fun to imagine living back in medieval times. We spent time doing a walking tour, visited a beautiful church and the Caesar’s tower. Luckily we had the car and so drove up the steep hill to the old city of Provins. On the way we saw some tourists making their way up on foot. There is a little train that goes around the old town, you need to pay once and use it for the rest of the day. The city is virtually untouched; part of undamaged city walls can be seen.

This is the view from Caesar’s tower. Once upon a time this tower functioned as watch tower, prison, bell tower and also as a place of military retreat. The view is breath taking, I am sure you will agree with me.

A lone window in the tower; I liked how the creepers grew around it, reminding me of the fairy tale ‘Sleeping Beauty’.

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Saint Quiriace Church, Provins, Paris
Fontainebleau Palace, Paris

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