Proof of Heaven – A Book Review

Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife 
by Eben Alexander, M.D.

A short book rich with heavenly experience!

The author is a man of science, a neurosurgeon, who on several occasions before disbelieved or ignored the NDEs (near death experiences) of his patients. As he comes through his own NDE his faith in the ‘another beautiful world’ away from this present world increases.

The story starts with the author contracting a severe form of e-coli meningitis, which rapidly destroys human side of his brain, and the neurosurgeon slips into coma for seven long days. During these seven days, his doctor battle with the deadly bacteria, his loved ones pray for him and he journeys through realms of the other world. Whether it was the power of science or a miracle, a gift from God that brought him back to normalcy is not explained clearly. But then, the objective of the book is his NDE, his explanation for Proof of Heaven!

The book is interwoven with chapters dealing with his present relationships, his past, his medical condition and his supernatural experiences. While he is content with his present relationships, his past is slightly painful because of the feeling that he was given up for adoption. These are the elements that make the reading interesting and the reader is able to connect.

For a layman the medical terminologies will be new but not difficult.

In the chapters dealing with his NDE, it is clear that the author is at a loss for adjectives and exact words to express his experience. Yet, to a large extent he is successful and I liked reading these parts the most. A young beautiful blue eyed girl who accompanies him in his journey makes him feel comfortable at the same time reminding him he has to go ‘back’. He could never recollect who that young girl was and she continued to haunt his memories long after he recovered.

Finally four months after his NDE he is finally able to correlate all that has happened and that brings a happy and touching finish to the story.

The book is for those of you who have pondered over this subject, like me. And for those of you who do not believe in NDE and existence of God can still go through this thought provoking book. The author is a living proof!

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