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I have been facing this weird problem of page not getting loaded, particularly the blogspots. Yesterday, the whole day I had no access to my own blog, which gave me quite a scare. It will be some time before I can make visits to your blogs. Thanks so much for your visit and comments.

India's 66th Independence Day
My Photographs Exhibited in Hungary

11 Responses to “Problem Loading Page

  • Hope all sorted out by now.

  • Hello there, so sorry to hear you are having this problem and hope it is taken care of by now.

  • It happens sometime!

  • i did have the same problem last time.
    i think i posted some "taboo" title that immediately blocks off my site from the rest.
    it got me worried to the point of wanting to start anew.
    but thankfully though, it was restored after 24 hours.
    so i hope yours doesn't encounter the same dilemma again.
    sorry been busy with real life lately,
    promise to re-visit your blog soon.^0^

  • I've often had this problem, but it usually goes away in a few minutes. I hope your problems are soon over.

  • Ohh..I've faced this problem when there are internet issues / network & service provider is down. Hopefully it gets better for you!

  • happens to me sometimes…I do not know why..and it is all so random…eventually fixes itself, ilke yours did.

  • It happens some times and gets corrected eventually without any interventions.

  • This looks annoying. I hope it gets better soon for you.

  • Is it possible to back up your blog just in case something gets weird again?

  • I hope you resolve your internet problems soon. It is very annoying when that sort of thing happens.

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