Porta Palatina, Turin

At Torino (Turin) I saw one of world’s oldest conserved Roman gates. Porta Palatina, the Roman entrance to the city is a part of the remains of the city of Augusta Taurinorum, founded by Romans in 28 B.C. The polygonal towers are later additions to the original structure. The merlons atop the right tower are from 1404.

The statues of Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar look majestic.

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Mole Antonelliana, Turin
Palazzo Madama, Turin

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  • Beautiful Roman gates!!!Beautiful photos too!



  • Those were the days of the Romans. To think the gates still stands so majestically.

  • Thank you for sharing your beautiful and historical interesting shots. Everywhere in Europe there are Roman remnants and traces of their footsteps. Even in my country!

  • It is so amazing that those gates are still standing! I'm so fascinated by history and it's so incredible to think of anything still standing since 28 BC! Terrific photos and post, as always, Indrani! Enjoy your week!


  • Amazing! Those statues are awesome!! Great photos

  • Really wonderful pictures of the Porta Palatina with a good description, Indrani! I go there often, it's near Turin's Cathedral and Piazza Castello.
    Happy new week 🙂

  • the statues look really well preserved. i like the greenish patina.


  • How wonderful that this gate is still standing and is in such wonderful condition. You did a great job of capturing the magnificence of the gate.

  • J & A sure do look mighty. Amazing, what endures times. Great shots.

  • The gates are very impressive and great statues. I envy you your travels.

  • Italy has just so much antiquity to maintain. It must be a burden to their national budget. These are splendid examples. I have wandered over others all around Rome. Good for an Australian to see such old examples of a built environment.

  • They certainly are impressive!

  • You are a well traveled lady. The places to visit just keep on adding.

    Thanks for sharing with us your photos and journeys.

  • My hubby has taken all the pictures.
    Very beautiful pictures. Statues looks marvellous. Lovely shot.

  • Wonderful Roman Gate and statues. Very well preseved.

  • an imposing gate. the Roman statues are impressive. i love old places such as this–much to see and learn.

  • Would love to see this historical place. Very fascinating. 🙂

  • Wow – such beautiful antiquity! Just gorgeous.

  • Hi Indrani! Wonderful shots of a beautiful magnificent gate!!

    Blogtrotter Two waits for you inside a huge cave… ;)) Enjoy the mites and tites and have a great week!

  • Awesome shots of the gate and the amazing statues.

  • Beautiful places full of history.
    The statues of these great warriors are very well preserved.

  • Fantastic. The history there is incredible, that's something I miss living in a new part of the world.

  • The building is very well preserved and beautiful.

  • Great t see it again. Thanks.

  • Wow! magnificent building and good work of art sculpture! Good day

  • I always wanted to have a tower on my house with window seats all around the edges where i could sit and read and look out the windows.

  • Seeing the ancient building and monument in Rome is like taking a tour through time. Thank you for sharing your journey and the wonders you find along the way. 🙂

  • I am running out of adjectives to comment on your Europe trip pics! was recently reading a book set in the hey days of the romans and your posts are giving me a better insight into history….

  • I am surprised about the bricks. I thought in Italy stone was the material used for building. They look good, wonderful colours!

  • Really Informative…. Good Photos too…



  • Thanks for sharing – great photos and very interesting information. I learn so much from visiting That's my World folks.

  • stunning ancient architectures. i love the stone and gravel archictures, its so neat. new buildings nowadays always use cement, metals and glass. new follower, fifty states travel

  • I hope I get to see Italy one day. Your photos are amazing, and every time I look at one I want to start making plans for a visit there. Thank you Indrani, for this wonderful and interesting tour.

  • Crisp and clear pictures.
    Wonder why the Caesars are always in the same pose, anywhere in Rome ! 🙂

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