Ponte dei Scalzi, Venice

Venice is composed of 118 islands of the Venetian Lagoon is criss-crossed by more than 400 bridges.These bridges called as ‘Ponte’ connect you from street to street. We spent three days in this city which is an UNESCO World Heritage site. We had FUN getting lost in the streets of this city, then struggling with maps, finding alternate routes and finally deciding to chuck away the maps and let the signs fixed on the old buildings and street ends guide us.

The first Ponte(bridge) over the Grand Canal of Venice we set our foot on was the Ponte dei Scalzi. A little bridge; just like the first experience of anything leaves an impression in our minds, this bridge too created ripples of feelings in our minds and a lasting impression. We stood there mesmerized by the view over the Grand Canal, the churches and buildings on either side, took several shots.

View of the church Santa Maria di Nazareth, now known as Scalzi. Scalzis were the barefooted Carmelite friars who arrived in Venice in 1670s commissioned this church. The Ponte dei Scalzi, literally means the “bridge of the barefoot”.

This fifth century city, wonder how many times it must have got a new look, which turned old soon only to get another new look. We crossed it many times later, sometimes in a hurry to catch the train at the Santa Lucia railway station which is just across the bridge, sometimes at a slow pace and each time we happened to discover a new mood or a new sight.

An interesting thing I observed there was, a number locks hanging in the hand rails of the bridge. There were so many of them. Each of them locked with no sign of keys anywhere nearby. What could it mean? Do young lovers lock their relationship here on this bridge and throw the key in the canal? Just a guess… what do you think?

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View from Bridge of Sighs, Venice

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  • Romantic Venice,
    thanks for telling the history :))
    I hope you had a fantastic vacation

  • That sounds like a wonderful trip. Your photographs and description were very well done.

  • That bridge has such a lovely shape. I'm so envious of your trip!

    Someone once explained on his/her blog about the locks on bridges…and I wish I could remember what he/she said!

  • Venice is incredible.

  • Marvelous post as always, Indrani! Love all the history as well as your wonderful photos! Looks like you had a great trip! I'm happy for you, those are the best! Those locks are very intriguing — since it's "romantic" Venice, perhaps they are those of lovers! Have a wonderful week!


  • What a once-in-a-lifetime vacay 😀

    I would love to get lost in Venice for a long time 😀

  • I've always wanted to visit Venice.
    Thank you for taking me with you 🙂

  • I would guess that your guess about those locks could very well be…I once wandered the streets and bridges of Venice…you're never lost if you just wander! Eventually we got back to our room for the night. I love Venice. I would love to return now that I enjoy photography so much more now…Your photos are beautiful!

  • aloha,

    what a beautiful area, i love the tour and all the amazing buildings…i'm intruiged by the locks also!

    thanks for showing us your world today

  • Everything looks beautiful there.
    Sydney – City and Suburbs

  • Beautiful!!!! your pics and description make me want to be there NOW!!!!

  • Beautiful 5th century place. The shots are amazing.

  • Beuatiful Venice and glad you had a wonderful time! I was there about THIRTY years ago! Really would love to revisit with my husband.

  • Venice… what a romantic place to get lost in. We did the same and tossed the map away and wandered around. I love what you captured on the bridge and the story behind it. And the locks… interesting.

  • wow.. the place is so beautiful and you've captured it wonderfully.

  • welcome back..and thanks for the nostalgic memories ..

  • Great virtual visit. Happy travels. Thank you for visiting My Muskoka !

  • Lucky you to be in Venice – wonderful photos. Can't imagine what the locks mean.

  • The places you visited look lovely. Nice shots.
    Thanks for sharing them with us.
    Darryl and Ruth 🙂

  • Well you made me curious! I should like to know about the locks too!! Venice looks to me a grand place. I should like to go there!

  • These are spectacular photos, all of them! The first and last are probably my favorites of the group, but they're all wonderful!

    You could invent all kinds of stories to go with the photo of the locks. That's what I love about it so much. It's a shot that forces the viewer to be a participant rather than just a spectator.


  • thank you for the marvelous virtual tour of Venice!
    loved it!

  • lovely angle to the bridge picture..and the locks..wonder what it could mean..looking forward to many more interesting shots and stories..welcome back!!

  • Ah – Venice! So delightful and lovely. Every photographer's dream.

    I think I read something about those locks being lovers promising their love to each other.

  • Welcome back. What beautiful sights you have captured. And how well they maintain the old world charm.

  • Very nice, informative and interesting post.
    Venice – a very beautiful and romantic place. The pictures are fantastic and I feel like visiting the place. Very well described.

  • I have no idea about the locks but I love that photo.. and your guess sounds like a good one to me. Great shots as always.

  • I was there last June ! We could exchange photos, lol !

  • What spectacular photographs! Brought back many happy memories of my trip to Venice almost 3 decades ago!

  • LOvely photos and wonderful description. Brought back memories of our visit 10 years ago.
    But din't get to see those mysterious locks 🙂

  • Nice pics and write-up. Your guess about the locks seems to be correct.

  • The church reminds me of Gare Du Nord Station in Paris. The architechture is similar!!!

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    The White Dress to Work

  • Great pictures and informative post. Thanks.

  • Your guess is correct… and the Grand Canale is awesome!!!

  • I think those are the love pad locks, which was popularized by a book and a movie.
    The saying goes that lovers put a pad lock and throw away the key and their love is locked for ever.

  • Wow! Wondderful photos!

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