Pinkberry Yogurt Now in India

The latest yogurt brand to be launched in India is the Pinkberry! It is relatively young in yogurt industry, launched in 2005 Pinkberry Yogurt is now available in 230 stores world wide. India is its 19th global market. Last week I was at the opening of one of the branches in Indiranagar, Bangalore. It is very strategically located with lot of greeneries around in spite of being bang on the busiest road, the 100 ft. road of Indiranagar. Pinkberry stores were launched at Mumbai and Chennai simultaneously the same day!

Local flavors, recipes and toppings are the attractions. I was confused which topping to select and which not. Ultimately I settled for the chocolate one and it was yummilicious! Chocolate banana or pomegranate shakes with frozen yogurts may sound common, but what about dhokla toppings or spicy cucumber toppings? Get creative there and make your own unique combinations (there are 30 of them) to suit your taste buds.

Yogurt is one of the safest foods, you know why! The probiotic bacteria in it are one of the best friends of any traveler, helps one recuperate faster especially after a strong antibiotic dose. Indian market is now opening up to this frozen dessert. Only time will prove whether it will beat the local varieties in the competition like that from the Mishti doi of east of India, Lasssi from north and curd rice of south!

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