Pink Water Lily

After a long wait for one year my pink water lily decided to bloom! And I am very grateful to her! Growing water lilies in tiny terracotta pools is quite a task. Daily a few hours of sunshine is a must I noticed and positioning it correctly helped. Now both my purple water lily and the pink variety have a competition for my attention and appreciation. Here are a couple of clicks.

The peculiarity of this variety is that it blooms in the evening and shuts down its petals early morning. The purple one stays open throughout the day shutting itself tight at night. Getting the deep pink color I photographs was difficult and these are taken with flash.

I feel confused whether it is the Nymphaea rubra (red) variety or the Nymphaea pubescens (pink) variety because the color of the petals indicates it is rubra but it doesn’t have purpulish leaves as it should have. The leaves are pure green so I will believe it is of the pubescens variety.

You can see my purple water lilies here and here

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