Pillar Of Judgment, Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg cathedral is unique in its own way. The first conspicuous factor of its uniqueness is its single tower. During the French Revolution, some anti-religious leaders had conspired to destroy it. But it was unharmed miraculously or rather by sheer brilliance of a local locksmith. A huge Phrygian cap made of metal was made to cover the tower. The cathedral was undamaged during the bombings of 1870 and 1944. I am amazed at the engineering skills that existed then.

Sharing the pictures of Pillar of Judgment (Pillar of Angels) here. This was a unique one I saw in the cathedral, not sure if something like this is there in any other cathedral (at least i have not seen one). The first level has evangelists; second level has angels blowing their trumpets. Christ as judge appears above them seated on his throne, surrounded by angels carrying the instruments of His Passion. The dead arise from their tombs announcing the resurrection of the whole humanity.

Everything is ready for the Judgment Day! 

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