Pienza, a small town in the scenic town of Val d’Orcia was our next destination. In 2004 the entire valley of Val d’Orcia was declared as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, it was included in the World Cultural Landscapes. The town is also famous as birth place of Pope Pius II. He redesigned the entire village and rebuilt it as an ideal renaissance town, used it as retreat from Rome.

We were there in early spring, the flowers were not in full bloom, and the vast plains were green. The view from Plazzo Piccolomini was spectacular; this was the home to Pope Pius II and his descendants. The Duomo, centuries old, had plenty of signs of old age like cracks and fissures in walls and floors. Yet the interiors still have a charm and ambiance of olden times.

We spent more than an hour here, just loitering around. After the day’s long drive from Pisa to Gimignano to Siena to Pienza, we felt a lot relaxed here. The place wasn’t crowded; it was a good decision to reach there by car, trying to reach there by train can be an exercise. As I was leaving the place I felt sad. Will I be able to visit this place and other places left behind for the second time in my life?

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