Piazza del Nettuno, Bologna

The towering statue of God Neptune, the God of Sea stood majestically at the centre of Piazza del Nettuno. The fountain with statues of cherubs and mermaids was one formidable sight. Tourists were hovering around this fountain taking pictures from various angles. The statues were sculpted in 1566 by Giambologna and the muscled god arrests the attention of every tourist even today.

Just beneath him around his feet are four cherubs; they represent the winds.

Further below are four mermaids, the reason for all the chatter around I guessed. Elegantly sculpted, these mermaids had water spouting out of their breasts. Quite a strange and unique imagination of the sculptor I thought. They symbolized the four known continents of the pre-Oceania world. They are named after the big streams Danuba, Ganges, Amazon and Nile on these continents.

The fountain is truly beautifully made, I felt as I moved on.

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