Phra Mondop

At Grand Palace Complex, Bangkok.

The Grand Palace of Bangkok, a huge complex of 98.5 hectares, is unforgettable place because of the various mesmerizing visual delights. Each ornate building there competes for attention and focus of your lens; however I feel the Phra Mondop is the most beautiful of all of them. Built by Rama I, it houses the Royal Golden Edition of Buddhist Cannon inscribed in palm leaves, enclosed in a mother of pearl cabinet. It belongs to the Rattanakosin Era. The original Canonical Library was surrounded by water to prevent damage to the manuscripts by fire and termites. Ironically, the original building was destroyed by fire on the day of its inauguration caused by fireworks.

King Rama I then rebuilt it and placed the precious holy scripts in his new structure. This building is closed to public, and I stood wondering if the exteriors are so captivating, how much more beautiful the interiors would be! The floor of the Phra Mondop, I read, is lined from wall to wall by a woven mat from strips of pure silver. That must be truly a precious sight to behold!

The glittering walls were covered in green mirrored tiles inlaid with gold medallions depicting Buddha. Click the pictures to enlarge and see.

At the four corners of Phra Mondop are stone Buddhas carved in ninth century Javanese style.

Sixteen twelve cornered columns support the intricate multi-tier roof.

A pair of guardian angels, each slightly different from the other guard the four entrances to the building.

If ever you are there in Bangkok and you can outsmart the Tuk Tuk drivers, do visit this Palace.

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