Photo Essay on Shyamaraya Madir, Bishnupur, West Bengal

You can read the first part of the temple here: Panch Ratna, Shyama Raya Temple

What is most welcoming about this place and the cared temples is its cleanliness. Guards are ever alert. Lawns, perfectly manicured, graced with seasonal flowers and a maintenance team constantly engaged in maintaining the place neat and clean. Major temples have history and info related to it displayed on a board within its site.

Shyama Raya Mandir, the exterior and interior of this temple is rich with high quality sculpted terracotta panels. The entrances on all four sides are grand with three arches, all beautifully decorated.

Zooming into one of the panels… the details are amazing!

One of the pillars, looked like it was studded with jewels.

A scene from Mahabharat, Bheeshm on a bed of arrows.

Krishna leela is one of the common themes in the terracotta panels.

I found this one very interesting; a huge bird trying to eat an elephant and it is 
surrounded by many elephants. The picturisation has a top view kind of effect.


Neglected Temples of Bishnupur, West Bengal
Panch Ratna, Shyama Raya Temple

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