Photo Essay on Shilpagram, Shantiniketan

Shilpagram is close to Shantiniketan. It is a beautiful little gram (village) which is designed to showcase traditional handicrafts of states of Eastern India (Bihar, Assam, Orissa, Manipur, Andaman, Jharkhand etc). Each state is represented by a traditional house which has collection of paintings, daily use materials etc. The place is maintained neatly and has good collection of cultural elements. This village has been developed by the Rural Development Department, Government of India.

Below is a series of pictures taken in Shilpagram.

I was amazed seeing the highly decorated walls, and I thought how plain and drab my walls were!
Display of musical instruments (below) and fishing nets (above).
Intricate work in the head gear.


Model of house in Andaman on stilts(above), people at work (below).


So much of art work all around and some lying waste, rejected and unattended in corner.

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