Photo Essay on Lalji Temple, Kalna, West Bengal

The Lalji Temple is protected within a separate enclosure inside temple complex of Kalna. It is a beautiful terracotta temple. There is a Natamandapa (hall for dances) in the enclosure, which may have been built for dance performances during festivals and important days as the name suggests. Each pillar of the structure is elaborately decorated with terracotta figures.

The temple has beautiful colored arched structure at the entrance.

Get the idea of the size of terracotta figures…

More close up… even more in the next pic to this…(click on pics to enlarge)

Prayers were being offered by the pujari (priest) when we were there. The idols being worshiped there were of Krishna and his consort.

Girigovardhan Temple, Kalna

A temple made like a mountain, named so too, Girigovardhan. It is inside the temple complex, the figures in the roof demanded our attention. The temple roof was full of sculpted images of crawling snakes and crocodiles.

Location of Lalji Temple Kalna

Lalji Temple is within an enclosure inside the temple complex of Kalna.

Kalna is known as the temple town of Bardhaman. It is 6okms from the district headquaters of Bardhman. Bardhman is 100kms approx. north of Kolkata, West Bengal.  Modes of transport available are: train, bus, private taxis.


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Lalji Temple, Kalna, West Bengal

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