Photo Essay on Duttapara Temple, Joypur, West Bengal

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There are two triple arched entrances to the temple, one is moss grown, worn out at many parts and dark gray with negligence. Not all nine musicians on the arch are in good form. It is sad to see them in headless form.

I zoomed into the details of southern façade. Here are a series of photo of the terracotta panels.

Lord Krishna and Radha with gopinis. In the second row, there is “Rai Raja” Radha as king and Lord Ram, Sita and Hanuman.


 War between Lord Ram and Ravan (right panel).

The battle between Arjun and Karna in Kurukshetra, Lord Krishna is the charioteer. (left panel)

The ‘many ages old’ door of the temple. Unfortunately the temple had closed after the daily payer rituals, but I found the door details interesting.

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