Pestsäule, Der Graben Street, Vienna

From St. Stephen’s we set off on a walking tour of Vienna. Our guide book took us along Graben Street, a wide one lined with huge buildings on both sides and grand statues. It is interesting how Graben got its name: Graben means ‘the trench’, this street used to be a trench before the city walls. The city was enlarged in 12th century and the trench was filled and leveled. Soon, it became one of the first residential streets of Vienna.

The Pestsäule, plague column is situated right in the middle of this street. It is a cloud pyramid with angel sculptures and the kneeling emperor Leopold, praying to a sculpture of faith. Vienna faced the plague epidemic in 1679, the then emperor Leopold I vowed to erect a mercy column as a token of thankfulness if the epidemic would end.

The column looked good against the blue skies and I have these two shots.

Hofburg Palace, Vienna
Interiors of St Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna

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