Pendula Lobster Claw, Welcoming Spring

For the past few weeks, we Silverwoodians are waking up to the brightly colored blooms adorning our gardens. The ‘early birds’ of spring are usually the flowers of bulbs. Our gardener has planted a variety of them in clusters all around our apartment and the ‘flowers’ of labor are there for all to see.

Pendula Lobster Claw 1
Pendula Lobster Claw 2
It is the Pendula Lobster Claws that has got the most ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ till now. There are plenty more to show their true colors, but till then it is the Pendula Lobster Claw, scientifically called Heliconia Rostrata. It is named ‘Pendula’ because it swings like a pendulum along with the gentle breeze and ‘Lobster Claw’ because each bract resembles the claws of Lobster.

Pendula Lobster Claw 2
Pendula Lobster Claw 3
The actual flower which pops out from the bracts lasts only for a day or two. The bracts keep opening one after the other. The whole length can be almost three feet long and when it sways in gentle breeze, it is a sight to behold. The modified leaves or the bracts have colors from bright red to yellow to green in the edges. It lasts from several days to several weeks making it an ideal choice for floral decorations.

Pendula Lobster Claw 4

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