Pelicans Nesting in Kokrebellur

The Pelican chicks must have hatched now in Kokrebellur. I was there last Dec, the Pelicans were just building nests. There was a flurry of activities, birds flying to and fro between trees, picking up a twig in their beaks, some of them flying right over our heads.

These birds arrive here Oct – Nov, Their activities: mating, building nests, hatching their eggs, after fending for their chicks for a couple of months they re-migrate in May. For the villagers of Kokrebellur: these birds are like a daughter coming home for delivery…. The women particularly are very sensitive about these birds. Kokrebellur is not a bird sanctuary, but just a village. A village with many tamarind trees which are home to these migratory birds year after year.

It is a quiet affair during these months, just like any other month of the year; no touristy stuffs are done in these villages. You will find it difficult to find any shop offering tourist support there. People drive in from city, halt for an hour, some photography done, they leave the place without disturbing the nesting birds. A couple of shots shared here.

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