Beautiful Peacocks of Rajasthan, National Bird of India

The Peacocks of Rajasthan sure did make my daughters wake up early in the morning to collect feathers. Rajasthan seems to have the kind of terrain that is hostile, but it is the home for India’s national bird, the Peacock.

Wake up Calls by Peacocks of Rajasthan

Through out the drive along the roads of Rajasthan we spotted peacocks moving freely in abundance. Mornings we woke up to the calls of the peacocks “may-awe, may-awe”. Peafowl (peacocks and peahens) have 11 different calls, but it is the peacocks that really yell. My daughters woke up quite early those days to collect the fallen peacock feathers. Most of the blue peacocks we saw there, were going through a molt, so did not look their best. They shed all their tail feathers every year and grow new ones.


The large flowing feathers at their back (more than 60 percent of the bird’s total body length) are called the train of feathers. When a peacock is just walking around, his train drags on the ground behind him, like the train on a wedding dress. India and Sri Lanka is home to the blue peacocks, while in Java and Myanmar you will find the green peacocks. The Congo peacock, inhabits African rain forests.

Humble Peahen

The humble peahen is drab mottled brown in color which helps it to merge with the surroundings and protects while it incubates its eggs. At Jodhpur during a village safari we were lucky to spot a peahen’s nest. Our guide took us closer, the peahen flew off and we were able to see the eggs.

Peacocks of Rajasthan
Peacocks of Rajasthan 1
In spite of seeing so many peacocks, peahens and even their eggs I still came back with the disappointment. That was for not being able to see the peacocks using their large train for mating rituals and courtship displays. 🙁 The train arches into a magnificent fan that reaches across the bird’s back and touches the ground on either side. Females choose their mates according to the color, quality and size of these hypnotic feather trains.

The sparrow is sorry for the peacock at the burden of his tail.
– Rabindranath Tagore




The Demoiselle Cranes of Khichan, near Jodhpur
Black Swan Bird at Mysore Zoo

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  • Gorgeous birds.. regardless of full plumage or not. I just love the blue neck. Good captures and fine details.

  • Very beautiful bird !
    Great shots, yeah !

  • Nice pictures, lovely peacocks. Just look at the partisanship of nature – the male is so bright and colourful, and the female, as you aptly describe it, drab!

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    I recently launched a photo meme for black & white photos. I wish you can visit me at


  • Great that you got close-up shots of even the next generation. In the Sulur campus, the birds were seen aplenty, in groups at that, but I have come away with only memories!

  • P. S.
    I too am sorry you did not get the benefit of the full plumage.

  • lovely pics..I remember seeing so many of them in jaipur and udaipur as well..of late I have seen so many in Tamil nadu and karnataka, particularly near madurai where they were screaming away

  • Great photo’s. They are beautiful even without the big fan up. Some things are better left to the imagination…

  • excellent tribute to this paradise bird

  • They are the most gorgeous birds among bird species. Before I thought these are mythical bird until I have seen it in animal park here. Now I know it is your national bird..Beautiful..

  • I love the royal blue that the peacocks are adorned with. Good post Indrani and good to see you back safe!

  • Peacocks are such beautiful birds. You’re right, its hard to catch one with its tail spread in courtship.

  • I love that colour blue! This bird is so perfect! The call of the peacock is very strange and not what one would expect of a bird like that, Thanks for your visit.

  • peacocks are such beautiful birds. great photos!

    thanks for visiting us, too!

  • Wow it’s amaxing to think of seeing them just wandering around like that. Beautiful.

  • Peacocks are cool, aren’t they?

    Thanks for visiting me 🙂

  • I’ve always thought of peacocks as magestic birds.
    I enjoyed reading your narrative about these wonderful birds.
    Nice images!

  • Peacocks are such gorgeous birds. Fantastic shots!

  • Such beautiful birds, well captured.

  • Beautiful! I have had opportunity to see a few peacocks this year and they have not been so kind as to show me their lovely tails either! Mean little peacocks. 🙂

  • WOW! Such beautiful birds! I love the first shot the most:) Mine is posted HERE. Happy CC!~

  • beautiful pics and informative post

  • Good pictures, nice commentary too 🙂


  • What a gorgeous birds! love the color.

  • Beautiful photos and a learning experience at the same time. 🙂

  • Beautiful birds they are..

    and do they dance with full plumage to the rains too?

    and I wonder as children from where we got the idea to keep their feathers between our books so that they reproduce!

  • Great shots! It’s nice to learn more about such beautiful birds.

  • Nice, peacock is one of my favourite birds. Nice shots!

  • Such majestic birds! Beautiful photos that you captured! Thank you for stopping by earlier 🙂

  • Pictures are as beautiful as the birds..!!

    All these years was under the impression that it’ll be camels
    moving along the roads there! Oho, it’s PCs is it?

    Drab peahens…! Not able to understand God’s mysterious
    ways… in changing that logic while manufacturing ladyfolks :))))

    Interesting to note that peahens prefer ‘style’ to ‘substance’..!!!
    (color, quality and size of these hypnotic feathers….)

    hmmm… can see that those peacocks are smart. Must’ve waited
    until you left, for the dance ritual – probably not wanting to risk being reported in the blog
    for peahen-teasing :))))

  • These are fantastic photos! I love peacocks – I think they are some of the most beautiful creatures ever.

  • Fantastic and the one with the eggs in the tree! Wow!

  • Where does my comment go ? I distinctly remember commenting on this post.. 🙁

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