Peacocks in Indian Architecture, a Common Theme

Peacocks as Art Theme

Peacocks for its majestic and graceful looks have always been object of fancy for the artisans of various trades. Our own peacock throne is the biggest and costliest example of Indian artists’ love for peacocks as art theme. It is counted as the costliest single treasure crafted in the last thousand years

Besides this fact what I am going to bring out in this post is use of motifs of peacocks in Indian architecture. That the birds are beautifully portrayed in paintings is common. But when I saw the beautiful motifs, murals and mosaics of peacocks on palace walls and entrances I just stood awe struck! The sights can freeze you. And soon like other tourists, I found myself requesting awestruck tourists who stood rooted there gazing at the peacock murals, to move from the frame of my camera!

Peacock door frame in Jaipur Palace is amazingly beautiful with striking rich colors.

Peacocks in Indian Architecture
At the Mor Chowk(peacock square) in City Palace of Udaipur, vivid blue mosaic of peacocks decorates its walls. We were WOW over the detailed work in the feathers – individually cut slivers of glass! A total of 5,000 pieces of mosaic of green, blue, crystal and gold, as well as concave mirrors are said to have gone into the making of these peacocks.

Peacocks in Indian Architecture

Rolls Royce at Cars Museum, Udaipur
Effigies of Ravana at Kota and Pushkar

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  • Indrani, beautiful photographs and a lovely blog! Will be back.

  • The pictures are awesome.

  • I add my big WOW! to yours.

  • nice one

    One candid confession- i’ve never seen anything of this sort even in pics. Thanks for sharing.

  • Oh my gosh. The color and artistry is breathtaking.

  • I’ve had a look around your blog. As person who has never been to your country, though I adore travel, the colors, architecture, daily life are a visual feast.

  • How breath-takingly beautiful! Colourful and delicate in all ways. The people who made this must have been very great craftsmen. Thank you for showing this and writing about it!

  • WOW this is beautiful

  • Just stunning! My jaw dropped to, and I wasn’t even there in person!! Your photos do it as much justice as possible, I’m sure. Wow!

  • Beautiful pics as ever. I remember one of the first paintings I did as a little girl at school was of a peacock. I was very proud of it!! I took many hours painstakinly trying to get the tail feathers right.


  • Stunning architecture, these are awesome shots.

    Have a great week!
    Regina In Pictures

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  • Wow fantastic. The peacock designs are so beautiful.

  • Those are absolutely breathtaking!! Like the others, my mouth just dropped, could scarcely believe what I was seeing. How marvelous! Thank you for sharing! Look forward to next week!

  • Very ornate. I never saw peacocks in any Indian architecture so far except here. Very nice.

  • So very, very beautiful. The detail is astounding, the symmetry, wonderful.

  • Wow! Great art AND pictures!

  • So glad the national bird is portrayed so beautifully! I miss the campus at Coimbatore where peafowl are aplenty and regularly visit preferred lawns and trees and locales. Is that on marble or plaster?

  • This is exquisite!!

  • peacocks are so beautiful..find them quite wonder indian art and architecture is full of them

  • You’ve given us beautiful pictures of these wonderful murals. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  • absolutely ‘wow’!!!!

  • Indrani – when I first saw your pictures, I thought those peacocks were alive, not man-made art! Completely amazing!!! India has so much going and your blog does it justice!

    Warm greetings from the other side of the world,

  • We had a peacock for a long time, they are just so beautiful and the representations in art in your part of the world is stunning.

  • wow – these are fantastic. What amazing craftsmanship!

  • wow! They look almost real. Very beautiful pictures.
    You continue to bring us little pieces of Rajasthan through your blog. Great work!

  • Wow – extraordinary! The detail is simply incredible. Thanks so much for showing us this part of your world!

  • The photos and colours are amazing. I love peacocks ( and peacock artwork/designs) This is just delightful…

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Those feathers are made of glass??


    Exceptional work here. You’ve done your world proud!

  • Ohh what a beauty, super photography 🙂

  • What a wonderful work !! amazing ! have never seen such artwork !

  • Unbelievable! Is it any wonder that the peacock is our national bird, when it is so much woven in the texture of our heritage, art and legend.

  • Love this! I saw your comment at Bee Drunken’s and came to check out your blog. You would LOVE the McMenamin’s pubs’ art here in Portland, OR – it’s in every nook and cranny of their places. The Kennedy School, the Edgefield, the Grand Lodge – they all have wonderful painted murals and mosaics. So fun!

    I’ll be back to read more of your posts later. Good stuff here. 🙂

  • Having done a bit of mosaicing myself, I am also in AWE of these masterpieces. I would have been stading right there with you, mouth open catching bugs! Thanks for sharing.

  • great pics & description !

  • sigh… wish the palace owners reserved 30% of their motifs, murals and mosaics for depicting peahens.

  • Oh, Wow! That is incredible.

  • Peacocks have always fascinated me. How very beautiful to see these beauties depicted in their art.. and yours.

  • Indrani… I’m so impressed.. These are such pretty pictures.. and a lovely blog!!

  • What beautiful works of art! My goodness the time and patience it took to make eash amazing work. When I first opened your post, the first picture looked so real I had to do a double take. I thought, “Wow how did they get those birds to stand like that?”
    Silly me.

    Thank you for dropping by on my blog this morning to say hello. I always love visits.

    Blessings to you.

  • HI Indrani, what a beautiful picture, I lve mozaik, this is so nice maid, and so colourfull. Thanks for charing ;))
    I’m sorry, i have forgotten to also write in einlish on my blog, normnaly I do this, but now I forgotten it. But I will do this in the future. And yes, the boxes are made by me, they are cardboardboxes, I love to make them. Thank You for yoyr visit, Have a nice day, best wishes, Jeany

  • Awwwwwwwwwwww Beautiful blog !!
    I saw only now that you had two blogs:)))))))))))
    What a beautiful photos my compliments.
    This blog I very much like to follow.
    Great as it is, beautiful in your country!!!!!!!!

  • I know EXACTLY how you felt. I was there too, jaw-dopping et al. I remember wondering how so much artistic talent and creativity got concentrated into this corner of India.

  • WOW!! Such detail…the mosaic work is beautful.

    My parents live next to a neighbor who has a peacock. A few years ago, while leaving their home to go to town (they owned a geo at one point,we were in that car), this amazing peacock stepped out in front of us. It went into attack mode and its feathers flared out..they were larger than the car!! It was absolutely breathtaking. Truly gorgeous.

  • they really do look very beautiful!

  • Simply stunning 🙂

  • WoAH… The pictures simply take one’s breath away. In beauty– only next to nature itself.

    Amazing blog…
    (My mother loved the pictures too)

  • Good pictures of a lovely place!

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