Peacock Feathers Decorations at Home

The peacock feathers that my daughters collected in Rajasthan are now used by me. Those flowing tail feathers once dragged by the peacocks over the lawns of hotels, temples and villages of Rajasthan now stand in my vases along with reeds. They now enhance the beauty of my rooms. It pleases me to use peacock feather decorations at home.

Peacock Feathers Decorations at Home

One particular bunch is positioned (not deliberately) in such a way that at around five in the evening the rays of setting sun falls on them and there is a beautiful play of colors. It lasts for just around 10 to 15 minutes. Usually I sit with a cup of hot tea around that time, but end up having it cold. The feathers shimmer with an emerald luminescence and are quite a distraction.



I have focused my lens on them a number of times, trying to capture its colors from different angles, never have I got the same results. Particularly the eye of the feather; it is an intricate structure difficult not only to imitate in art but also through lens.

Interference of light causes the shimmer of a Peacock Feather Iridescence. Each feather consists of tiny flat branches. When light shines on the feather, we see thousands of glimmering colored spots, each caused by minuscule bowl-shaped indentations. In general, the diversity of the feather’s colors can be explained by two factors:
– pigments on one side and
– simple structures in the feathers which interfere with the incident light.


(notice the difference in the color of the eye, I did not use flash for any of these shots)

Pigment particles are embedded into the newly grown feathers during the molting season. They absorb light of certain wavelength or disperse the reflected light and thus contribute to the color of the plumage.

peacock-profile .
Identification Parade
Elephants Right Tusked or Left Tusked?

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  • Peacock (males) are amazingly beautiful, but I like them best from afar as they make so much noise. Don’t compare to guinea fowls though!

  • Your photos are breathtaking, Indrani, and the colors are stunning! I have a “thing” about peacock feathers, too, and really enjoyed all the information! Thanks for a great post, as usual!

  • Those are such beautiful feathers. We had some in a vase in our living room when I was growing up. Peacock blue has since been one of my favourite colours. Wonderful photos.

  • These feathers are absolutely beautiful. I would love to be able to see them in person.

  • I have always loved peacock feathers but they never lasted long because I always played with them.

  • No matter how often one sees them, one cannot help marvelling at the bright beautiful colours of nature.

  • I used to be fascinated by peacock feathers as a small child – wonderful that yours have such a history.

  • I’m fascinated by your scientific view of explaining the effect of light, and lenses to the object of your choice. Very artistic! Peacocks are truly regale inland birds with colourful plumage.

  • Oh these remind me of the peacock feathers my mom beautifully arranged in our living room.
    I loved them, too!

  • Peacock feathers are so nice and picturesque. I always remember, in a trip of many years ago, peacocks spreading their fantastic tails in the Bois de Boulogne in Paris.

  • Indrani….. these photos are magnificent, they really are.
    I love peacock feathers. I always have and you have caught them in all their glory! Brilliant!

  • Yes, every photo has a different
    color feather,
    I like those colors 🙂
    Great shots, I like also that little elephant..
    My girls
    came always at home with
    pigeons feathers,
    that is not something to collect 🙂

  • Wow your close up shot of the peacock feathers are so beautiful. Have a nice weekend.

  • This is so interesting and beautiful! Nice blog indeed.

  • Your theme today is unique and the photos were captured artistically

  • lovely snaps… back in my hometown we have a peacock and a few peahens living in our colony.. ! they come to our house often.. we feed them kurmure’s… !!!

    amazing that things so near us are so beautiful.. only we need to notice them… which u do !

  • Hi Indrani! TGIF and a holiday here!! Finally I’ve time to enjoy your blog!
    Wonderful peacock feathers! They remebered me the City Palace in Jaipur… Also loved the Pushkar post!!

    Blogtrotter is still turning around Vilnius. Enjoy and have a great long weekend!

  • When we were young once we lived in Jaipur, and we had these peacocks who lived in nearby trees, they used to make a lot of loud noises, and fly from one neem tree to another. Sometimes they’d leave beautiful feathers in our garden.

    Once they had babies (not sure what they are called)and I still remember my parents being very upset because our dog killed some of them…

  • The beautiful colour Peacock blue is also named after the Peacock.

  • WOW!!!! you seem to be as fascinated by peacock feathers as I am…..just a bit of curiosity… where did you (or rather, your daughters) collect the feathers?? didnt know you could get any easily… thought one had to buy them…..

  • amazing pictures Indrani, I was brought up for a bit in Pilani, Rajesthan..and your pics took me there..and a very well described and informative post. Like your style!!

  • Splendid close-up.. The pattern looks like a giant eye!
    Great colors, love this set 🙂

  • Very lovely shots, but I especially enjoyed your mental photograph of them dragging around all the places they came from. Wonderful connection with time and place!

  • these pics are amazing…there’s a different colour of the eye in each pic

  • You had a good go at reproducing the effect – the final shot is very close.

  • It is amazing how they look like eyes and the play of the light gives them a three dimensional aspect. One of the many miracles of nature!

  • Lovely photos and very informative post. I didn’t know about the indentations. That’s fascinating!

  • Fantastic! Only, I wonder if prolonged exposure to the sun might make the colours fade.

  • Beautiful and I learned something!

  • Beautiful feathers. My photo today is a white peacock!

  • Extremely beautiful. Great information and photos. It is always good to learn something new.

  • My aunt used to have a couple peacock feathers, but I don’t know what happened to them. Hmmm
    Your photos of these are very pretty! I love all the colors!

  • Very nice post. I enjoyed the photos.

    Craig Glenn

  • Love those peacocks !!!

    Nice shots of the feathers..

    I’m going out to a friends place tomorrow …she has peacocks wandering around her yard. I’m taking my camera 🙂

  • what a beautiful peacock feathers, it’s like rainbow colors.

  • I love watching peacock feathers too. They have the most beautiful colors.

    Lovely shots and accompanying info. Thanks!

  • Peacocks are beautiful. I love it’s colors!

  • Very beautiful – it’s nice to be able to see them up so close.

  • Indrani: Beautiful feathers from a neat bird.

  • They say that if you preserve them, they will bring prosper to us.

  • This piece reminds me of my childhood when we used to collect peacock feathers.

  • Very beautiful snaps. Both in Rajasthan and Gujarat one can see them in the fields in the remote areas. It is nice to see people not harming them.

  • Beautiful photos and thanks for all the information, I learned something new reading your post

  • Entertaining post with wonderful images.

    Nature has some of the most inspirational colour palettes – I can see some interior design based around some of these images!!

  • Peacock feathers are amazing. Love the vibrant colours and details you captured.

  • You might try hanging little mirrors in the garden for light play. Thanks for the lovely post.

  • Ooolala, how lovely the colors are. And the photos are just so perfect. I even saw an elephant figurine, right?

  • Beautiful! I too had a long peacock feather, but lost when shifting home 🙁

  • Love the photography. It is so true when taking a picture…to see it is to believe it for sure. However…those are pretty amazing shots! My drink would go cold as well…

  • Just beautiful! Very elegant feathers. Wonderful colours.
    I popped over here from Manz’s new initiative, promoting us ‘cool’ CC participants, hehe.

  • Somdatta
    1 year ago

    Oh my god… This is incredible… Awesome…

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