Pattaya Beach, Thailand

Often tourists are afraid or rather uncomfortable to swim and bathe in foreign waters, particularly in beaches. It is not that they do not know how to swim, but just that they are not familiar with the water body. It is just that the fear what if he or she walks off a drop-off on the sea bed.

 I experienced this same feeling at Pattaya Beach in Thailand. The water, the calm sea was beckoning. I wet my feet and was unsure. I was this close to nature and I had every opportunity to merge with nature there and then, yet I hesitated. Two young girls swimming there called out to me. They were beach guides there.

Soon I found myself walking up to them; they held my hand and walked me around, it felt so awesome. Slowly I gained confidence and I was on my own splashing water all around. I felt good; it was like “being alive is awesome”! There were many joining in. The beach guides were around and were quite helpful in helping us overcome our fears and hesitations. I could sense that every tourist there were beginning to enjoy and letting themselves free. It was one of the best bathing experiences I had.

This post is part of Alive is Awesome Bathing Experience for Cinthol.

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