Pattadakal, World Heritage Site

Pattadakal, a small town in Bagalkot district of Karnataka, is included in the World Heritage Site list for its small cluster of temples. There are just ten of them, and the architectural styles of these temples are a mix of North Indian and the Dravidian styles. A Jain temple too is included; it is situated slightly away from this main cluster of temples. Pattadakal was the capital of the Chalukya dynasty of Southern India, the temples here were built in the seventh and eighth centuries.

Wiki mentions: Aihole is considered a School of Architecture, Badami a Degree College, and The University of Architecture is Pattadakal. Seeing the sculpted statues and temples at all the three places, I was awe struck. No machine of today’s world can re-sculpt the stones here with same beauty and grace. The devotion that must have gone in to carve out the emotions in these stones is unfathomable… all with hands holding just a hammer and a chisel.

Each of the nine temples in the complex has its own importance and uniqueness. The above shot is of Kashi Vishveshwara Temple. The main temple at Pattadakal, the Virupaksha temple was constructed by Queen Lokamahadevi (Trilokyamahadevi) in 745AD to commemorate her husband’s victory (Vikramaditya II) over the Pallavas of Kanchi.

Rich imagination and the delicate details, so well etched in each of the temples. Not just Gods, the demi-gods, human figures, narratives from the epics and the Bhagavatha can be seen. Pattadakal is where the early Chalukyan Kings were crowned and also is the center where experimentation in Temple construction carried out.

Pattadakal is 22kms from Badami and 10kms from Aihole. All the three places can be covered in a single day and it will be a wiser decision to spend more time at Aihole. A setting sun would provide an ideal back drop to take the shots of the temples there.

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  • Those temples are amazing. I am also awe struck thinking about the artistry and craftmanship that goes into the hand carvings. It is truly amazing. Thank you for showing the treasures of your beautiful country to us each week.

  • Spectacular shots of the heritage site. These temples are very beautiful and your narration do right justice to them.

  • Thanks for sharing the glories of Pattadakal with us. It looks a beautiful and awe-inspiring place and the artistry of the sculpture, as you say, is incredible.

  • Indrani, your posts of your world are always so amazing and delightful! The temples and the architecture are really stunning and your photos are marvelous. Like Carver, I thank you for sharing the amazing treasures of your beautiful country!

    Have a great week!


  • Its amazing Indrani,
    the architecture is endlessly wonderful 🙂
    I wish I could see it once with my on eyes 😉
    Your trips are always wonderful!!
    Thanks for the magnificent shots 🙂

  • The scuptured facades on these buildings are beautiful.

  • I never get tired of looking at wonderful places like this. The entire India should be placed under protection of the World Heritage Foundation.

    Have a great week.

  • It amazes me how much beauty and history exists in the world.. much less in one area. Just beautiful.. incredible.

  • No machine of today’s world can re-sculpt the stones here with same beauty and grace.

    I do so agree of the above statement. The minds and hearts of those people carving these sculpts were given in whole not in parts. They surely must have turned Nights into Days to pour out their talents to these mammoth work.

    Always impressive blog Indrani.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  • Your post as ever is enlightenin in culture and history and depicts both so well in your images.

  • Your post as ever is enlightenin in culture and history and depicts both so well in your images.

  • Another architectural beauty. We take these for granted in India since they are so common. But the history is so fascinating!

  • Indrani,

    Thanks so much for taking to these temples. The carving is magnificent. It tells so many stories.

  • this was great, indrani…..
    must really make time for this trip soon,,,

  • All the carvings on the temple are so beautiful and very well crafted. These crafters are so talented. Thanks for sharing.

  • What a cool place and the carvings amazing. It nust be wonderful to see such a place. I loved your photos.

  • I always enjoy reading about these far away place …so much history and culture, architecture and civilization…thanks for sharing

  • Very impressive indeed!

  • I know so much more about Indian temples now, mostly thanks to you!

  • Beautiful images and history.

  • these are fabulous photos and information

  • Simply spectacular…. The temples look amazing…

    Can I can travelling with you?

  • Some of these statues have big bosoms hanging out, yet Indian women today still wear shapeless saris that cover their figures to the ground.
    Incredible workmanship and beautiful photos.

  • Know what… I'm gonna print out your posts on Aihole, Pattadakkal and Badami when I venture to those places… Travel Guide, u see…!!!
    Great post again, dear… 🙂
    My Travelogue

  • Your photos are so clear. When enlarged they show every detail very clearly. The Indian culture was far further developed than the European culture. Our buildings at that time were not so decorated as yours. Even the Greek and the Romans had soberer temples than these Indian ones.

  • When it comes to hand carvings human performance still reigns supreme. I just love it when history is depicted so creatively in art. Thanks again Indrani for a beautiful visual treat today. I got awards for you –

    Take your time, and have a nice day.

  • Indrani,
    The thing that i love about your blog and some others is that you have the knack of writing about obscure gems that most of us have never heard of.
    Lovely pictures and beautiful descriptions.

  • Another great shots. Love the architecture and carvings!

  • Beautiful photographs again… And I've been here before. (Bagalkot was where I was born)
    And we saw Aihole, Pattadakal and Badami in my childhood (I remember the monkeys at Badami distinctly :D). Thanks for sharing all that. They were a damned creative bunch of people.

  • "No machine of today’s world can re-sculpt the stones here with same beauty and grace." so true! great knowing about this place, the structures are well maintained.

  • Beautiful images!

  • beautiful temples. The stone is of a uniform color, I wonder what the composition is.

  • I like the uniformity of its color. It's amazing that people from long time ago can actually craft and build these amazing structures with just their barehands and no help from any modern machinery and equipment.

    My world is up here.

  • thanks indrani,for introducing Pattadakal. it is so wonderful to know that we have such marvels in south india itself. cheers,,

  • I wish our Tourism Department would wake up to the fact that we have so much to see, and provide facilities to make tourism more enjoyable in our country.

  • it's always been said that a visit to India is so enriching, just visiting temples. How true! Just need a guide to help us along.

  • so much history and feeling! I really must visit India one day!

  • The statues have such life to them – espcially the woman in the last photo!

  • Indrani, your world is amazing. These temples are magnificent and situated in such a beautiful landscape! I really enjoy all these interesting images.

  • This is very interesting. I definitely want to visit this place whenver possible. Great pictures & Great Info.

  • your country really has rich history. i hope to go there someday and explore the amazing beauty of the place. 🙂

  • You have taken beautiful pictures and presented very nicely. The architecture and the carvings looks amazing as well as very interesting to see. I have been to this place about 5 years before and was mesmerized to see the magnificent beauty. Lovely post.

  • Really priceless architecture, worth being a world heritage site. I wonder whrer the Indian craftmanship has gone now..can you do a series on modern examples in India which show some good craftsmanship?

  • I am going to Kanchipuram very often these days, but I don't have the patience like you to take photos and visit the various temples there! So, Pallavas had their capital in Kanchi… I was always wondering about that, thanks for the info. Interesting to see so many heritage monuments in Karnataka. Was never aware of them earlier.

    Destination Infinity

  • It is always such a treat to visit your blog and not only see your beautiful photography, but witness the beauty that exists in your country.

    I, along with so many others, appreciate the time that it takes to put together this type of post.

    I went back and read the story of the bookshop that closed. When my daughter was in kindergarten in the 1970s, we lived in Hollywood. I would walk her to school each morning and then visit my favorite bookshop, which was much like this one. The proprietor was the same way, he could locate any book in a minute and he never minded that I would sit there for hours, reading while I waited for school to let out. Thanks for bringing that memory back to me today.

  • Lovely pictures. You have been doing such wonderful work in bringing out the cultural importance of neglected places.

  • I did not know that it is a world heritage site 🙂

  • Wow ! How i envy you ! Pattadakal has been my dream destination for long. Dunno when i'll make it. Nice article about yr. visit. wonderful pictures. Best wishes.

  • Thank you for posting all of these great photographs from this world heritage site for those of us who live on the other side of the world! You have a wonderful blog.

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