Pankaj Advani

Have a Heart Foundation is a non-profit organization that funds the life saving heart operation costs of under privileged. The focus is more on children from the less privileged strata of the society. Every month needy patients’ caretakers are interviewed by the donors’ panel of the Have a Heart Foundation. Some amount of money is organized by the caretakers and the remaining amount for the operation is funded by this organization.

Manu Chatlani, Director, Have A Heart Foundation and Pankaj Advani

Recently a small function was held to mark the funding of 2000th patient’ open heart surgery. Pankaj Advani made a generous contribution to this deed. Pankaj Advani is a World Champion in snooker and billiards from India. I was asked to do photo coverage of the event. This is the first time I met a world famous personality and I was on a clicking spree. Pankaj Advani was at ease, he held the baby for some time, talked to press reporters, handed over the cheque of seventy thousand to the child’s parents and after a brief posing with others around for photographs he left the place.

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31st Dec 2010.
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