Panchakki – The Water Wheel, Aurangabad

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23 Responses

  1. backpakker says:

    hi, first timer have an amazing blog..great post ..interesting to know about kicking myself for not going there despite spending so many years in Mumbai

  2. Swarna says:

    Indy: This is turning out to be a wonnderful 1st-hand account of Aurangabad. Wish you many more instructive travels, and may you always find time to share those great pics, for armchair and other travellers!

  3. kallu says:

    Interesting post and more, an interesting person.Your interest in so many facets of life is amazing.
    It looks like We can browse through your blog for places of interest when we go somewhere new.

  4. Wow…some very nicely captured shots & lovely reading your description about this place…I also like the Tajmahal photos very much on your last post…i think you are doing a wonderful work…Very nice!

  5. btw kalyanda, that pic was of Taj of Deccan. Uncanny resemblance isn’t it?

  6. Helmi says:

    Another informative tour to medievil India, Indrani. Are you, like me, always disspointed with the lack of information at India’s museums and monuments?

    There’s plenty of room for improvement for India’s Tourism Industry, I believe…

  7. Everybody is waiting for some kind of aid or other.Those monuments taken over by UNESCO are looked after well, rest are at the mercy of…

  8. Visited Aurangabad couple of years back while attending a medical conference. Panchakki is very close to Medical college.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. This is an interesting place, very informative!

  10. Looks to be a peaceful place.

  11. Shrikant says:

    I have been here. Interesting place.

  12. Mridula says:

    Any other nation might have kept the rooms open and operational as a source of pride! Happy to hear about the monument from your blog for the first time!

  13. Jyothi D'mello says:

    That Banyan tree is magnificent. Informative post about Panchakki.

  14. Interesting description and it so very goes in my list. Guides have their interest points centered around ancient engineering marvels

  15. Loved every ounce of information you poured out buddy with so much heart 🙂

  16. This looks like a much serene and peaceful place to dwell in :’)

  17. Chaitali says:

    A very beautiful account which keeps one engaged to the last line.

  18. These rare historical places are great to visit… If and when i go to aurangabad, i will definitely check this out… Thanks to you…
    Keep exploriing!

  19. A very informative post 🙂

  20. Yogi Saraswat says:

    He hurriedly explained during the rainy seasons water flows in turning the waterwheel at great speed. This energy is used to turn the grinding wheel. He then turned the water wheel with his hand, and asked us to check the grinding wheel. It was moving. He seemed happy that he could impress us. The wheel-turning, I suspect, is one of his favorite guide-acts. It was a boring thing and tired to run these Panchakki’s but now these are becoming our tourist points , in this modern age . Beautiful post indrani ji

  21. Sims says:

    Thanks for sharing Indrani. Did not hear about this earlier.

  22. amsang says:

    very interesting reading. Liitle bit of science and engineering in ancient India.

  23. Am sure many many years ago the water would also flow fast during the summers. We just seem to have destroyed the water sources now.