Palazzo Madama, Turin

Palazzo Madama, Turin was built at the site occupied by a gate in the Roman walls belonging to the first century B.C. This palazzo was made over the ruins of a fortress from the middle ages. As I entered the building I was stunned to see the ruins showcased below. Tourists were walking over thick glass panes held in place by strong metallic structures. All of us were actually walking over those ruins.

I have not seen such a wonderful display of ancient buildings before. We could actually see the staircases of that medieval era, the doorways, and the arches.

The whole building is a harmonious mixture of ancient, medieval and modern architecture.

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  • What a wonderful way to showcase these ruins yet to preserve them from further decay, Indrani. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day. Jo

  • That is so incredible, Indrani! And I agree with Jo, a great way to preserve the ruins and be able to showcase them, too! How awesome to be able to see these ruins! I have to admit I am so envious of your experience, but so happy that you have shared it with us. Have a wonderful week!


  • What a lovely trip you took. I enjoyed reminiscing with you and your images.

  • Wow, I've never seen anything done like that and it's such a good idea for preservation while allowing people to see what it was like. Great shots.

  • Fantastic. I really admire the craftswork of the ancient people. WIthout all the modern technology and machines, they could built such beautiful building. Nice to se them being preserved.

  • What a novel way to exhibit the old.
    No fear of people trampling all over the place and touching things which are ancient.

  • Fantastic. A great idea to preserve the ancient and yet allow the public to experience it.

    ps – Reminds me of the sets on the TV show Crystal Maze

  • What a fantastic captures of those photos…ancient artworks looks really beautiful and well preserved lucky of you to be there..

  • This must have been an incredible experience. I think it's a wonderful way to preserve the ruins. Thanks for the wonderful pictures.

  • what a wonderful idea! looks really interesting…

  • Wow – what an incredible experience to sway over the ruins and look right down onto them. Great shots!

  • a fantastic way to showcase these ruins. great post.

  • Wonderful. They have been retained very well.

  • What a great experience and it's good to see it's still so well maintained.

  • Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos

    Have a nice week,
    Greetings, Bram

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    Seen om My World Tuesday

  • I love how they do this nowadays: retain the old yet allow us to interact to some extent. At least the ruins are not further degraded. This is one of the problems with tourism. We kill the very things we treasure most.

  • This is really fantastic! well captured

  • What a wonderful way to preserve and showcase ancient ruins !

  • fantastic captures.

  • That is brilliant how they showcase the ruins! And wonderful photos to share the experience with us 😀

  • I've seen this kind of ruin display in Verona too. In Lisbon there are some roman ruins in the basement of a Bank building from the 18th century and you can also see them through glass. Great shots.

  • Great place to visit with full of history! Happy Mid-week!

  • Wow, what a cool way to see the ruins. A wonderful place with so much history! Fantastic photos.

  • There but not there. Wow. That is really impressive.

  • Indrani, I find it fascinating how these ruins are being displayed and preserved. Was it a little scary standing and looking down through the glass?

  • Brilliant tourism. And you really seem to get a good view from above.

  • Fantastic..
    Great place to visit with full of history!
    Have a Great Time..

  • That's so interesting, Indrani! I'm of Turin but I'll take a deeper look at this beautiful place.

  • What a great way to see the ruins without ruining them even more!

  • Absolutely amazing and incredible. Must have been a fantastic trip. Seems to be a very very beautiful place.

  • very good snaps and writings Indrani

  • Amazing. I have not even heard of anything like this.

  • I would love to see something like that. And they displayed the ruins in such a wise and preserving way.

  • This is most interesting! The ancient builders have done a great job and so have the modern ones by creating this opportunity for the public to see these ancient structures.

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