Palatine Hill, Rome

The inside of Palatine Hill site is like a lost world, such a contrast when compared with the busy modern world of Rome just outside the walls. A vast area, there is no end to discovering interesting nooks and corners provided you are interested in ruins. It is scattered with skeletal remains of once glorious ancient Roman era.

To make the tour ‘a memorable experience’ imagine you are one of those Roman citizens who existed centuries back. Robe yourself in those colorful clothes; imagine the emperors walking past you and you and your friends waving at them… The whole area has such a wonderful old world charm that the dreamer in you will resurface again and again visualizing various scenes.

While some of the walls still had parts of those decorations, some of the arches seemed to lead to darkness as if luring you to find more secrets. The remains of a stadium, of banquet halls, of fountains speak of lot of history, all you need is time and patience to hear all of it, rather see them.

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Temple of Antoninus and Faustina, Forum, Rome
Temple of Castor and Pollux, Forum, Rome

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  • Oh, how I would to wander through those ruins — just me and my imagination! Fantastic captures as always, Indrani! Hope you have a wonderful week!


  • Love the ruins. You toured the entire country did you?

  • What fabulous shots of the ruins! Fascinating to see so much history still left for us to enjoy…

  • spectacular shots. walking through these ruins would definitely take me centuries back.

  • Indrani, you do such a good job of bringing the ancient wonders of Europe to us. I love history, so I am quite at home in this realm.
    (yes, one must not miss one's opportunities.)

  • I love those shots,cheers Indrani.

  • Great shots of the ruins, you did have my imagination wondering back to this time. Wonderful photos, Indrani. Have a great week!

  • Magnificent photos, very interesting ruins. Greetings.

  • Very fascinating, Indrani.

  • Wow..
    Amazing ruins !!!!
    Creative shots …

    Looks very spooky there.


  • Wonderful glimpses of ancient Roman ruins.

  • Great perspectives of the Palatine Hill, I enjoy them!

  • Those Romans sure loved beauty!

  • I like the grass on the last photo, but you won't like to know what it reminds me of, In Singapore, Chinese graves are like that.

  • Ruins are always more interesting than the real building. They tickle the imagination and encourage you to read about history. Thanks for this interesting post.

  • Wonderful place, well captured. If ruins are this good.. How would it have been in the ancient days!

  • It must have been a great experience to have walked among these ruins.

  • Now I'm really glad I saw this post, because I didn't get up to this vantage point during my visit. It's a great favor to share your view.

  • PS Thanks for following my blog on Google. I'm still trying to figure how that will work out.

  • Yogi saraswat
    2 years ago

    Robe yourself in those colorful clothes; imagine the emperors walking past you and you and your friends waving at them. we can be a king for a day in dreams . Beautiful places , you are visiting . Most of these places are very wide and take too long time to know and understand everything !!

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