Paithani silks and Himroo shawls at Aurangabad, Maharshtra

Another unknown weaver! He weaves his soul into Paithani sarees and shawls little by little, only to disappear for ever unnamed. He will be forgotten but he will leave behind the dream saree of a bride or a shawl to keep you warm. So engrossed is he in his work that not once does he look up to see the crowd around him. Focusing just on the design drawn on the tracing paper by his side, he chooses the golden and silk threads to be woven. It will take one whole day for him to make just one inch of the fabric.

This was the scene at the Himroo industry run by the Quereshis in Aurangabad.

Paithani sarees weaving

Paithani Sarees at Himroo Industry in Aurangabad

The Quereshi family there is putting in a lot of effort to preserve this precious art of making paithani sarees. They have been promoting and preserving this art for the last 100 years. Cost of Paithani sarees can be anywhere between Rs.5000 to Rs.50, 000, some even more depending on the design. Add to that they have to pay the weavers well they explained. Therefore the price goes up. And when the saree becomes old you can sell it off for the gold and silver in it, so it is a good investment, they went on. Such priceless art pieces, can they be really rated?

Paithani sarees 2
Paithani sarees 1
All Paithani sarees there were tempting… beautiful combination of rich colors and traditional designs, one can only regret for not buying them. Himroo shawls are made of silk and cotton, and also from silk and wool. Glad I picked up some shawls from here. Proud that our country has such classy hand woven fabrics that no machine woven fabric can match.

Himroo shawls
This Himroo Industry is worth the visit if you can spare an hour or two after your visits to the caves in Aurangabad. It is open 7.30 a.m. to 10 p.m. on all the days

Location Himroo Industry

Paithani Weaving and Training Centre
Jaffer Gate,
Mondha Road,




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26 Responses to “Paithani silks and Himroo shawls at Aurangabad, Maharshtra

  • Amazing!! if a mere picture is so gorgeous, I can well imagine what the original is like, would love to own one someday. Thanks Indrani, for sharing the info of these priceless treasures!

  • You should have got at least one paithani sari !!! believe me its too good whether its 5000 or 50000. every maharashtrian bride usually tries to own at least one paithani in her life time. now adays semi paithanis are available which are a mixture of natural and synthetic materials and hence cheaper, around 2000-3000. on a personal note you are most welcome to see my treasure, what else to call a paithani ?

  • Thanks Bijita!

    Hey Namrata you own one?! I will be ringing your doorbell sooooon to have a glimpse of your treasure!


  • Thank you so much, Indrani for your kind comment that you left on my site.

    Your pictures of these georgeous paithani saris brought happy memories of years spent in Calcutta (my daughter was born there in 83)right back to me on this afternoon in Niamey.

    It is indeed wonderful to live in a country that has so much culture as India.

    Though I enjoy Niger’s wildlife immensely my next posting simply will have to be India again

  • Thank you, Helmi Maria.

  • Vivien S Victor
    1 year ago

    Would like to buy. What should I do?

    • Indrani Ghose
      1 year ago

      May be you can visit Quereshis of Aurangabad.

  • Vivien S Victor
    1 year ago

    I remember my mother used to wear these shawls and series.

  • Here in Assam, we have the famous muga, eri and pat silkworms which have led to the blooming of many beautiful silk sarees. The story of that old man is heart touching. Well written

  • The shawls look so amazing Indrani 🙂

  • My mom has a deep inclination towards these! 🙂

  • Well said. There’s no match for labour of love done by these weavers. Beautiful weaves!

  • Wow! The sarees look amazing. Such a dedicated person. Thanks for sharing his story.

  • Such a detailed work of art

  • Lovely…these are indeed priceless.

  • The sarees indeed look beautiful. I am sure the shawls you bought would be super too!

  • what art and craft, amazing

  • Nice coverage of this timeless piece of clothing. The sarees are coveted by many and passed on from generation to generation.

  • These are absolutely must haves; the sarees the shawls, so beautiful! 😀

  • Such beautifully crafted saris and shawls. It is incredible how much of hard work goes into these products.I always get carried away in places like this and end up buying too much.

  • blair villanueva
    1 year ago

    OMG these sarees are so beautiful and a should be treasured. To think the hardwork and time the weaver spent just to create a saree. I would be so blessed and thankful to have one of these. A perfect gift and heirloom!

  • i love to see people (women) wear the saree, i actually loved seeing my mum wear them when she was still alive and i also had to see alot of it on the TV series, THE VOW, SALONI and a few other INDIAN series. its Native and stands the class of time.

  • Laveena Sengar
    1 year ago

    I love those shawls. It is very that you get a glimpse of such wonderful ones. I suppose if they look this pretty here then they must look much better in reality.

  • Wow, they are so beautiful! They reminded me of a silk vintage saree that I have!
    Thank you for the contacts, I will surely visit them during my next trip to India!

  • There shawls and saris are beautiful, we should appreciate all the skill that goes into weaving this!! Definitely worth investing in these if you’re a saree person.

  • This is amazing! This is litterally art! The saris are so beautiful and I’ve always admired this kind of craftmanship. There is somethign so subtil and so fabulous about their art and we should definitely more appreciate it! It definitely worth the splurge!

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