Our Lovebirds

They look cute? Or they don’t? I could never decide which. May be they would look beautiful outside the cage. They had been with us for past one and half years. Night we would get them inside and during day time, they were left in our balcony garden. This had been the practice for past so many months and we were so used to each other; the birds and us.

Today, to our horror we found one of them lay dead inside at the edge of the cage. It was bleeding and bruised at the neck, blood and feathers strewn all over. Ishani and Arundhati were in tears. It must have been a torturous end for the bird. I was too shocked to react. How could it happen in this third floor? What could have killed it? The cage was intact. What made it come so close to the bars of the cage?

Looking around I saw a big brown bird, may be a kite, perched in one of the branches of a tree just across the balcony. Could that have attacked the lovebirds?

Now what? With these two babies(11 and 7) crying incessantly, blaming me for having left the cage in the open and the other love bird totally silent, I was numb. My mother (she is no more) had gifted these two pretty yellow lovebirds to them on their birthdays. And just as these thoughts were racing across my mind, Arundhati wailed out, “Dida is dead and now her gift is also dead.”

I had to do something fast. I took out the dead lovebird from the cage, it was still warm, and buried it in one of the flower pots. I don’t know how I did it, but I did it, I had to do it. None of us could bear to see it lie limp and lifeless there. Once out of sight, my daughters calmed down a bit. Now their focus was on the other one.

I suggested we leave it at the pet store. Vehement protests and pleadings followed. I refused to budge, enough is enough, and birds inside cages don’t look good. “Okay, then get us a dog!” they demanded in chorus. DOG. Who will look after it; take it out for walks, and bathing? I don’t have so much time. I backtracked fast and agreed to get a new pair of lovebirds.

This time I have to be more careful.

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5 Responses to “Our Lovebirds

  • Sad, Indi. Remember the kittens in my cupboard. One Sunday morn, stray dogs spared not one of them…

  • Swarna, Next time the CAs may insist on accomodating them inside the house and not in your Garage!

  • Happened by ‘i Share’ after reading your comment to Pradeep Nair’s post. Would appreciate your permission to list your blog among our favourites in Mysore Blog Park

  • happened long time back- we had three rabbits in an outdoor warren built by me, and secured by a wiremesh- at least I thought so! a hungry stray dog did what he could do- dug out during the night and ate two- the third survived

    putting animals in a cage is difficult for me any more- my son, now 25, cried all day!

  • Yogi Saraswat
    2 years ago

    Good One !!

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