Other Interesting Sights and Sites of Turin

Turin is a very exciting mix of ancient buildings and modern skyscrapers. The old buildings still retained their charm and magic. Museums, palaces, theatres, churches, cafes, all were in abundance there. If there was something lacking, it was the time in our hand.

We visited the Palazzo Reale – the royal Palace of Turin. It has a grand entrance, the interiors royal with rich tapestries, exquisite Chinese and Japanese vases. It is a pity that photography was not permitted. It is just three months now and my memories have worn off quite a bit, wish there were photographs to refresh them.

Below is the view from the rear of Palazzo Madama. A dark grey monument, one of the various UNESCO World Heritage monuments scattered in Turin. The rear part has been restored and maintains an ancient look while the front part of this Palazzo has modern designs in white stone. Today it houses museum with collection of rare artifacts.

The most spectacular was the remains of Roman amphitheatre; this belongs to first century BC. It is in ruins today, yet the atmosphere around it was silencing, history untouched by the modern structures coming around it. I hope it survives the wear and tear of time for many many more years.

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