Orchids Again

Sometime back I had mentioned here that I was waiting for my third orchid to bloom. Finally, after a long wait it has bloomed. The stick had only 5 buds, two of them have bloomed. I am impatient to wait for all these to bloom, so here is the stick with two blooms.

It has such a pale pink color that I wasn’t sure if I should be disappointed. I was expecting some bright hues. But now as I watch it more closely I have started loving the color. Soft pink, the lightest shade possible, it looks so delicate like the skin of a fair lady. When the seller was rattling out the names of the orchids, my mind was so preoccupied with thoughts of which had more chances of survival that I did not register the names. I now have absolutely no clue as to which family of orchid this belongs to. Please leave the name as comment if any of you know it.

I am now feeling more encouraged to purchase a couple of varieties more. This time I will pay attention to names.

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