OPPO F1s Selfie Expert Smartphone Review

OPPO F1s Selfie Expert is the latest in camera centric smartphone in OPPO’s F series. It is the first in selfie-centric series. A good selfie is the latest craze of consumers and OPPO is doing well cashing on this frenzy. Recently I was at the launch of the phone, the event was graced by celebrities like: Yuvraj Singh and Sonam Kapoor.

The Features of OPPO F1s selfie Expert

Some things that impressed me are mentioned here:

It is sleek; there is a feel good factor in holding it. The body is made of metal alloy treated with zircon sand surface coating which gives it a velvety metallic feel. Flip it over and you get to see the display screen protected with 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass. It has 5.5-inch Full HD display.  OPPO F1s selfie expert is extra scratch-resistant. There is a smooth micro-arc edge that encircles the phone in a flowing, continuous band. The rounded edge in its design enhances its look multiple times.

phone-1-oppo f1s selfie expertoppo f1s selfie expert 1
OPPO F1s rear

Peep into the insides and you will see Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-core 64-bit processor and 3GB of RAM. You have endless opportunity now for multitasking in daily use. Frankly, I am sold out on that.

OPPOF1s Selfie expert specs

Now, on to OPPOF1s specs and its performance!

Technical parameters like 16 mega pixels front facing camera, a wide f/2.0 aperture lens and a sensor size of ¼ inches all mean one fact – a clear selfie even in less ideal lighting conditions. No wonder it is named as SELFIE EXPERT! Comparison figures are like: OPPO F1s selfie expert is 30% clearer than a 5MP camera and 44% brighter than an f/2.4 lens!

Beautify 3.0’ feature in OPPO F1s selfie expert helps enhance the pics and makes a rewarding experience of selfie captures. It brightens your skin and seamlessly removes blemishes, so you can always look your best. There are options to choose from three
different beautification modes or apply one of the many available filters. Snapping a great looking photo is now easy and quick.

For selfies in low-light conditions turn on the patented Screen Flash feature on. It converts the F1’s entire display into a camera flash, with a carefully adjusted brightness level optimized for natural-looking shots. With this feature the captures always come through bright, clear and natural.

oppo f1s selfie expert 2OPPO F1sOPPO F1s front

More features of OPPO F1s

The rear facing camera of OPPO F1s is 13 mega pixels and features Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF) and smart anti-shake optimization. This allows for fast and accurate auto-focus and an instantaneous capturing experience. Photos are taken in a split second and every image is full of beautiful details.

You will find micro-USB port, single speaker, mic and 3.5mm headphone jack in the lower edge of the smart phone. Top edge has secondary mic. Volume control is possible with thumb when held in left hand. The right edge has dual sim tray flushed to the body and the power button.

One of my friends owns a iPhone 6s. She helped me out by capturing her selfies with OPPO F1s and iPhone 6s. The results are here for you to see.

Zohara oppo f1s 1.1

Selfie with OPPO F1s


zohara iPhone6s

Selfie with iPhone 6s

Comparing OPPO F1s selfie expert with iPhone and Samsung smartphones!

All three look equally beautiful to me. It is actually all about your choice of colors. The comparison below are of the common features which we tend to compare when we have to choose a smartphone.

Guess which is OPPOF1 and which is Samsung. Let me know in your comments

Guess which one is Samsung and which is OPPO F1s? Let me know in your comments.

oppo-f1s comparison

  • If you just glance at the 3 smartphones, you get the impression that OPPO F1s selfie expert is similar to iPhone. The myth gets shattered once you hold them and feel the phones. iPhone is heavier, OPPO F1s is slimmer and lighter.
  • Number of SIMs (nano SIM) in OPPO F1s are 2 while iPhone 6s has one (Nano SIM) and Samsung J7 has 2 (both micro SIM).
  • The front camera of OPPO F1s is 16 megapixels while iPhone 6s has just 5 mega pixels and Samsung J7 has 5 mega pixels.
  • Rear camera of OPPO F1s has 13 mega pixels while iPhone 6s has 12 megapixels and Samsung J7 has 13 mega pixels.
  • Almost non-existent bezels (1.66mm) on the left and right side of the display gives an appearance of big screen size. OPPO F1s has 5.5 inches. iPhone 6s has 4.70 inches. Screen size of Samsung Galaxy J7 is 5.00
  • Battery capacity (mAh) is 2850 for OPPO F1s. Battery capacity is 1715mAh for iPhone 6s. Battery capacity is 3000mAh for Samsung J7.
  • Cost of OPPO F1s in Flipkart is Rs. 17,999.Cost of iPhone 6s in Flipkart is Rs.  54,999.Cost of  Samsung Galaxy J7 is Rs. 13,490. So in budget phone category Samsung is a hot competitor to OPPO F1s.

with iPhone

with samsung

with samsung

with oppo fi selfie expert

with oppo fi selfie expert

What I liked about OPPO F1s selfie Expert

The camera of OPPO F1s has Expert Mode feature which gives a near DSLR experience. You have manual controls which can be varied for that perfect capture with right amount of light capture. The phone isn’t a week old yet with me and I am looking forward to its use. There is scope for lot of experimentation in this mode.

Superimpose mode with OPPO F1s

Picture taken in super impose mode with OPPO F1s


Following are some of the clicks I took at OPPO F1s launch in Mumbai. The three brand ambassadors are Youraj Singh, Daboo Mattani a photographer and Sonam Kapoor.

Here is video taken with OPPO F1s. It will take just 22 seconds to watch. Do let me know what you think of it.

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